Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mix 'N Match

Mix 'N Match is the next novel in Lindzee Armstrong's collection of "Match" books and it doesn't disappoint!

I've grown used to the high level of sweet/clean/wholesome romance Ms. Armstrong dishes out and Mix 'N Match meets the bar.

Zoey and Mitch are so opposite,but as they run a crazy gauntlet of circumstances, in the name of friendship, what once drove them apart seems to be the same attributes that bring them together. This story is all about loving a person for who they are and not trying to change them into a version of themselves you think you'd prefer. A good lesson for all.

I loved their chemistry, the locations (who doesn't love Disneyland and Paris?), and more importantly their self introspection. Being honest with oneself is a hard lesson. Zoey and Mitch will tug at your heartstrings and have you rooting all the way to the end for them.

Be sure and grab all her books for a binge read!


Fire and ice aren't meant to mix. For Zoey Carlson, being maid of honor is more than she bargained for. The groom is a billionaire, the bride is hounded by the press, and the super-secret wedding is across the ocean in France. Zoey will do anything to keep away the media—even spend two weeks wedding planning in Paris with Mitch, the uptight best man who drives her crazy. For Mitch, keeping the press away is about more than making sure his best friend has a perfect wedding—it’s his job. And as far as he’s concerned, chaotic and spontaneous Zoey is an attractive liability. When a reporter follows them to France, Zoey and Mitch must work together to make their best friends’ wedding day paparazzi-free while fighting their growing attraction to each other. Can these two opposites admit they're not so different and build a life together?