Thursday, January 25, 2018

Double Take

Double Take (Silver Cascade Suspense Book 2) by [Christensen, Rachelle J.]

No one can doubt Ms. Christensen’s ability to weave a tale of suspense after reading this frightful tale. It’s a mother’s nightmare come to book life, both of Mandy’s children are kidnapped right after she’s thinking of how challenging it is to be a mom.

I had to emotionally disengage from the story in order not to become a guilt-ridden basket case full of turmoil like the main characters.

A total page turner, with a twist. This novella is worth the read and will have you looking over your shoulder at the grocery store parking lot forevermore. 

When Mandy’s car is stolen with her two young daughters inside, the police think it’s a car-jacking gone wrong, but she can’t forget the determined look in the man’s eyes as he drove away. Mandy and her husband, Nick, are on the verge of divorce and the kidnapping is a wake-up call. All of their differences and problems can’t stand in the way of a parent’s love. In order to find their children, they’ll have to forgive each other and learn to work together. But they don’t have years or even months to make this happen . . . according to the kidnapper, time is running out. 

The first novella in the Silver Cascade Suspense series, Silver Cascade Secrets, is available when you sign up for Rachelle's VIP news. If you're interested, copy and paste this link into your browser

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sixth Street Love Affair

Sixth Street Love Affair (Three Rivers Ranch Romance Book 5) by [Isaacson, Liz, Johnson,Elana]

I’m never worried about whether I’m going to get a well-crafted, clean read when I pick up one of Ms. Isaacson’s books.

I enjoyed the past suspense element determining all of Juliette’s choices. Garth is ready to love her, all of her past, present, and future. What’s not to love about a cowboy named Garth? And there’s the right kind of romance going on, otherwise Garth might come off slightly stalkerish instead of a caring guy who knows who he wants and is protective of.

It definitely primed me to start picking up all the books in this series. 

Will Juliette spill her secret for a chance at love?

Foreman at Three Rivers Ranch, Garth Ahlstrom left Montana after the death of his wife and started over in Texas. Almost three years later, he's got a crush on Juliette Thompson, and things were going great between them when she unexpectedly cut him out of her life. Months have passed, and he can't get her out of his head. So he parks at the end of her street, hoping for a glimpse of her, hoping she'll give him another chance.

Juliette is hiding, literally. She left her abusive husband years ago, and she can't risk him finding her. And Garth Ahlstrom used to be one of his acquaintances in Montana. So though she'd like to see if she can feel loved again, she simply can't risk her heart--or her safe life in Three Rivers.

But her job as a veterinary technician takes her out to Three Rivers Ranch, where the cattle have contracted pinkeye. A few sunsets on the range with Garth, and Juliette confesses who she is and why she ended their budding relationship. Garth can't imagine her ex-husband will find her, but nothing's as sure in Juliette's mind. Garth and Juliette will have to rely on their faith--and each other--to find love and safety.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to Fetch A Fiance

How to Fetch a Fiancé: A Must Love Dogs Romance (Destination Billionaire Romance) by [Christensen, Rachelle J.]

A dog, a frisbee, and a hit to the head, start this story off with a bang and are the intro to Audrey and Troy’s rocky road to romance.

Audrey’s ex-husband makes her wary of men and Troy’s history not to mention billions of dollars make it difficult to find a woman who’ll love him for all the right reasons. There’s also the difficulty to overcome of Audrey’s loss of faith in God and Troy’s total reliance in HIM.

The pacing is perfect. The characters well developed and relatable. And it’s clean, while still giving that thrill that comes with a kiss.

Ms. Christensen knows her craft well and it shows on every page. Take your dog for a walk before you sit down to read this one, because you won’t want to get up again until The End.

Hurt and broken-hearted after a painful divorce, Audrey Blair picks up and moves to Nashville looking for a fresh start. Her faithful German Shepherd, Duke, helps Audrey and her two daughters settle in while Audrey focuses on her work as a vocal coach. Even though she’s currently at odds with her faith, Audrey takes a chance and applies for work at a Christian music label. She’s not looking for a relationship, but a game of fetch changes everything when her dog runs into Troy Jackson.

Troy, the billionaire owner of Arise Music, is too handsome, too busy and too haunted by his past for a relationship. He’s intrigued with the new vocal coach who plays a dangerous game of fetch. Her musical abilities draw out a song that’s long been silent within him.

Taken in by Troy’s kindness and chocolate brown eyes, Audrey’s heart shifts and she decides to give him a chance. Chasing fireflies with Troy changes the way she looks at the handsome billionaire and her heart feels like it’s finally on the mend.

Troy finds himself falling in love with Audrey, but when the truth about his past comes to light, will Audrey’s faith be lost forever? With their love on the line, Troy is willing to accept help from anyone—even Audrey’s dog, but it might require more than just a game of fetch to win her over. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Nobleman's Daughter

The Nobleman's Daughter by [Johnson, Jen Geigle]

This is Ms. Johnson’s first published work and she has set the bar high for herself. I have no doubts she will meet it novel after novel.

Ah, Regency romance. Sigh. Mixed with the cause for freedom for the unheard, unseen masses. Add in a hero and heroine who see the need for change in the world, and a horror bent on the destruction of the aristocracy, targeting Lady Amanda specifically, and you have a recipe for a page turning, don’t-want-to-put-it-down novel.

Without being lengthy, the descriptions land you in London and transport you seamlessly between high-brow and low-class citizens as they sidle along without touching on England’s famous streets. 

The characters are well formed, with conscience, and on Lady Amanda’s part a naivety that often lands her unwittingly in the damsel in distress plight. Thank goodness Lord Nathaniel and Charlie always seem to be on hand to help deliver her from harm.

The research is thorough and all changes made to history explained in the author’s note. 

The romance is both sigh worthy and tangled, much like hearts. Oh, and clean. This is not a bodice ripper. 

I have nothing but praise for Ms. Johnson’s first novel and eagerly await her next one. 

England, 1819
While British high society primps and plays, the impoverished citizens of London languish. But there are those fighting for the freedom of common citizens—including two members of the aristocracy who secretly champion revolution. In the drawing rooms of the upper class, Lady Amanda and Lord Nathaniel flirt and tease with the best of them as she pretends to win every heart in London for sport, and he, to conquer them. But in truth, their flirtation is merely a façade designed to keep their clandestine actions hidden from the ton—and from each other. When Nathaniel presents himself as a potential suitor, the attraction between the two is undeniable—but the faces they portray to the world are not enough to win each other’s hearts.
While their crusade for London’s poor unites them more deeply than they could imagine, Amanda and Nathaniel struggle to trust one another with their true ideals and identities. But when the call to action leads Amanda into the path of danger, she can only hope that Nathaniel will see through her frivolous pretense. Because now, only the aid of the suitor she loves most—but trusts least—can save her.