Thursday, January 19, 2023

Cami's Writing Adventure

Ms. Checketts doesn't sit down to parsel out wisdom as to explain her story as to how she achieved succes, including commercial success in her author career. 

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to follow in her footsteps, then this isn't the book for you. There are nuggets in here, but that's not the purpose of the book 

If you're looking for inspiration on how to keep moving forward and pursue your dreams, this is a good read to that end. 

I enjoyed learning about her journey and the turns it has taken. 


Have you ever wanted an inside look at a successful romance writer's path? USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts shares her journey from the setbacks to the joys. Don't miss inside tips on writing, publishing, and creating your success.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Just Write

James Scott Bell has a several books on writing. I picked up this one to start with. 

He uses old school/classic examples but if you're up on your novels and pop culture you should be okay. If not, then you'll have some homework to do. 

Mr. Bell breaks down the learning into manageable segments within the chapters so you can take bite size pieces of information like I did. I think reading it straight through might be overwhelming. 

There's lots of great wisdom and quotes in here. I got plenty of motivation and inspiration from these pages. 


Enthrall your readers, love the process, & become the writer you are meant to be!

Writers are given a wealthy of opportunities to cultivate a successful writing life, break out, and find an audience for their work. Yet so many writers, from beginners to veterans, find their careers stuck in neutral.

The solution is simple: 
Just write. Write yourself past fears, doubts, and setbacks, and use your desire for writing excellence to deeply immerse yourself in the craft.

Just Write, best-selling author and veteran writing coach James Scott Bell shows you how to develop unforgettable stories while leading a rewarding writing life. You'll learn how to master the nuances of fiction, discover what readers really want, and persevere through the challenges of getting started, conquering writer's block, and dealing with rejection. Look inside to discover how to:

Brainstorm new concepts for your fiction and develop a believable premise.
Create memorable characters that keep your readers coming back for more.
Study classic & contemporary novels to improve your writing.
Effectively market yourself as a writer.
Manage your time to maintain peak efficiency.
Fulfilling writing careers are developed through hard work, an investment in practice, and complete dedication to the process. Don't succumb to excuses or procrastination. Dive into your career with gusto and enthusiasm. Fall in love with writing every day.