Thursday, August 27, 2020

Catching Coy

I really enjoyed this novel by Ms. Clark. 

I do like reality tv storylines and this one was a delight. I loved the immediate connection between Bellamy and Coy and the lengths they both went to in order to be honest with each other and those around them. 

There are lots of humorous moments as they both try to negotiate the terms in which they're allowed to interact both on and off the show. 

While this series can be read as stand alone works, I found myself wondering what happened in the first book between Roxy and Tag. I may need to get the rest of the series so I can enjoy each one from cover to cover. 

If you like sweet, swoon-worthy romance, then you've found the right book. 


From the moment Coy Jones lays eyes on Bellamy Hansen, he knows he’s falling in love. Despite the sparks flying between the two, there’s one problem: Bellamy is not one of the eight women competing for Coy’s heart on the popular dating reality show, The Catch. She’s the manager of the trendy Ranch House bed and breakfast where the show is set this season in the small town of Little River.

Amidst their fast-growing friendship, he finds himself turning to Bellamy for advice about the women who are on the show. Bellamy knows it’s a terrible idea to fall for him, especially if she doesn’t want to lose the trust of The Ranch House’s exclusive clientele, yet she can’t seem to help herself.

Eager to see if what they have is real, Coy convinces Bellamy to join the contestants in a competition for his heart. Suddenly she’s fighting for him amidst jealousy, drama and lies, and more than one woman there for the wrong reasons. With the pressure of the show, both of them can’t help wondering, did they toss their hearts in the ring only to have them shattered?

Thursday, August 20, 2020

My Not So Wicked Series

This is a trilogy centered around a few inhabitants in the small and charming town of Carrington Cove. 

Each story is unique, with loveable but flawed characters who need to overcome their own emotional mountains before they can arrive at happily-ever-after. 

I couldn't chose a favorite couple or story in this trilogy. Each character, each couple had their own special charm and quirks that made them endearing. 

You'll have to read for yourself to find a favorite...if you can. 

This is a little on the edgy side for sweet/clean & wholesome. There is some deep kissing and bedroom talk but nothing is shown on page. 

Definitely worth the read, especially on a trip when you can devour the stories without stopping. 


"When it comes to rich, emotional, sigh-worthy romance, Ms. Peel is the master. And, the "Not So Wicked" trilogy is her 5-star monument." ~ TJ Mackay, Founder/Publisher, InD'tale Magazine

My Not So Wicked Stepbrother

Loveless is more than a name, it's a curse.

I, Emma Loveless, have a destiny. It's not the greatest of destinies, but when you have a name like Loveless, what can you do? I'm cursed to always be the friend, never the girlfriend. Unless you count my love affair with Duncan Hines, Dr. Pepper, and the ever-lovable Pillsbury Doughboy. They've seen me through it all, but a girl needs more than refined sugar to curl up to every night. It doesn't help that I have a meddling, albeit wonderful, mother who can't help playing matchmaker. Thanks to her, I can say I've been on a date with a felon. Now she swears she's found the one for me, her new optometrist, Dr. Sawyer King. Meanwhile, I'm preparing for the inevitable restraining order. That is, until I meet the sexy doctor and have to admit my mother is right--love at first sight does exist.

Unfortunately, my last name means business. Not only do I find myself in the friend zone, but also the twilight zone. Only in my world would Mr. Right turn into my stepbrother. To top it off, he brings with him a wicked stepmother who will do anything to keep us apart. Despite all this my heart--or is that my mom?--keeps telling me Sawyer is the one. But what if true love isn't strong enough to interfere with my destiny? It'll be me and the Doughboy...for eternity.

My Not So Wicked Ex-Fiancé

He rocked her world. She wrecked his. Now their worlds are colliding again.

Expensive schools and etiquette classes never prepared Shelby Duchane for Ryder Prescott. He taught her more about life in his hay field classroom beneath a blanket of stars than anyone. Under that Georgia sky, she pledged forever to the farm boy with soul-melting chocolate brown eyes, even though it meant forfeiting her large inheritance. She couldn't wait to clip coupons and buy clothes off the sales rack until death do they part. But then she receives some photos of her intended with someone she had not intended. Brokenhearted, Shelby flees her hometown for Colorado without bothering to say goodbye to her cheating ex-fiancé.

A year later and wiser, Shelby's doing her best to move on while running her boutique in Carrington Cove, when Ryder shows up and challenges all she thought she knew. Perhaps he wasn't the wicked ex-fiancé she believed him to be after all. But will Ryder be able to swallow his pride enough to see why she was so persuaded? Will he realize before it's too late that the only way to heal his own broken heart is to mend Shelby's?

My Not So Wicked Boss

Love knows no contract.

Aspen Parker's life can be summed up in one word. Unexpected. For instance, she never expected to become a mother at twenty. Her divorce at twenty-one really threw her off. She certainly didn't see losing her promotion at the bank to that weasel Stephen. And she most definitely didn't see Miles Wickham, better known as Taron Taylor--international bestselling author, the man whose words have captivated her--offering her a job to be his nephew's nanny.

But there's a caveat to accepting the position; she must sign a contract agreeing to no romantic entanglements between her and the debonair Brit. Aspen doesn't expect this to be an issue seeing as she's not particularly fond of men. Once again, though, life is not turning out how she expected.

While Aspen and Miles traverse single parenthood together, there's no denying the chemistry between them. She can't figure out how her charming boss knows how to pierce the protective layers of her heart, and it's driving her mad. Mad with desire that is. Miles, too, is finding it hard to resist the reserved beauty who brilliantly takes care of his nephew and him. But with both their tentative hearts on the line, can they risk taking a chance on each other? Which will win? Love or the contract?

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Renting His Heart

This was a fun fake/real relationship light second chance romance.

I say light because Chloe and Austin knew each other in the past but didn't date. With a history to build on, I could get behind a quick wedding to acheive their mutual goals. The history also allowed me to believe they could fall in love almost as quickly.

There are lots of fun antics and likeable characters throughout the story. The pacing moves along at a consistent quick pace. An easy enjoyable read.

A few typos, but that's most books these days. Though there did seem to be timeline jumps. When I thought it was morning or afternoon, suddenly it was night. Or I couldn't tell how much time had passed between some scenes or chapters. Certainly not deal breakers though. I might be a picky reader on those points.

I would read more in this series.


Austin wants nothing more than to have his mom and grandma off his back. When his grandma threatens to cut him off from his grandfather's estate until he's married, it's the last straw.

Chloe has finally hit it big with her books and her clothing line. Now if she could just get her parents to leave her alone. Her cousin's wedding sends Chloe on a trip to a small town in Idaho, and she runs into an old crush on the way.

When Chloe finds out that Austin has a lot to lose, she offers to marry him to appease their parents and help Austin gain his estate in the process. Can they maintain their agreement and move on, or will their old flames reignite and grow into something more?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Chemistry of a Kiss

This was another excellent book in the series.

Note: I've read them out of order and there's no problem with that as each of the books are written as stand alones.

Ms. Krey certainly knows what she's about when writing YA romance.

There's lots of teen conflict and drama going on even before the characters get to fake dating. I really enjoyed how the teens had real problems. Divorce. Boyfriend/girlfriend issues. And yet the problems weren't represented as over the top with constant inner rants and meltdowns.

Having a teen at home,  I could see most of this unfolding in a real high school.

Plus, I think the teacher had the idea to give Harper and Jett a nudge in the right direction.

Very fun premise and read.


It was supposed to be a fake relationship, but then he kissed me. and things got real.

How did I end up in a fake relationship with the gorgeous captain of the basketball team, Jett Bryant?

I used to dream of kissing Jett back in kindergarten. He was the pastor's son but that didn't stop me from tackling him on the playground and kissing him smack on the lips.

Fast-forward to senior year when Jett and I got partnered to research—of all things—the chemistry of a kiss. It made me think about those yummy lips of his, which was not good since I was dating bad boy TJ Reynolds.

But then TJ kissed Jett's ex-girlfriend so I broke things off, and that's how the whole fake relationship began.

Now, all the feelings I had for Jett are flooding back as we spend time researching the kiss. We've even started exploring the chemistry of our own mind-blowing kisses while we "pretend" to like each other during our study dates.

Things really get complicated when Jett starts cozying up to me when nobody's around to witness it. It seems like this whole fake relationship is turning into the real thing. But how can I be sure?