Thursday, May 21, 2020

More than Friends in the Middle of Main Street

I'm really enjoying the town of Nestled Hollo that Ms. Easton has created. I've read a few of her books set in this small town and they are wonderful in that they can be read as stand alones but you see characters that pop up from story to story. 

This was a sweet read of how best friends make the switch to a romantic relationship. There's lots to be gained in the transition and lots to be lost. The stakes are high, the characters opposite in personality, and the ending satisfying. 

There are some charming characters like Sam and Brooke's assistants. Good twists at the end that are well thought out and threaded through the story. 

Step into Nestled Hollow and enjoy. 

One is spontaneous; the other is stable. One's flighty; the other's down-home. He's a single parent; she's determined to be single. What happens when these best friends become more than friends?

Brooke McClellan is the owner of the shop Best Dressed and knows how to do three things very well: design amazing dresses, and stay far away from serious relationships. She definitely doesn't date anyone from Nestled Hollow, and especially not her best friend, Cole.

Whenever Cole Iverson isn't running his restaurant, Back Porch Grill, he's taking care of his nine-year-old daughter or tamping down the feelings he has for his best friend, Brooke. It's been three years since his wife died and he's ready to get remarried, but he knows it could never happen with Brooke.

When Brooke offers to help Cole plan the birthday party of his daughter's dreams, Brooke starts to realize that she has feelings for him. But are they opposites in too many ways for this to work? Are they willing to risk their friendship to pursue something more?

Pick up this sweet best friends romance today!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Jane Austen: A Life

I'm a long time admirer of Jane Austen, but have struggled to get through a biography about her life. Not so this time.

Ms. Shields is concise, while being informative, and explores they whys and motivations of Ms. Austen's books. I liked the insertion of various moments from each of Ms. Austen's novels.

If you want a more in depthy look at Ms. Austen's life, then you want a different biography, but this one is a wonderful introduction to the behind scenes world of Ms. Austen's life.


With the same sensitivity and artfulness that are the trademarks of her award-winning novels, Carol Shields explores the life of a writer whose own novels have engaged and delighted readers for the past two hundred years. In Jane Austen, Shields follows this superb and beloved novelist from her early family life in Steventown to her later years in Bath, her broken engagement, and her intense relationship with her sister Cassandra. She reveals both the very private woman and the acclaimed author behind the enduring classics Sense and SensibilityPride and Prejudice, and Emma. With its fascinating insights into the writing process from an award–winning novelist, Carol Shields’s magnificent biography of Jane Austen is also a compelling meditation on how great fiction is created.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Finding Jack

I'm a long time fan of Ms.Jacobson.

This book has an ususal premise that is fun and delightful. I really love the sense of humor and heart threaded throughout the story. There's lots of great creativity in the telling and shaping of the characters.

A thoroughly delightful read. You won't want to stop turning the pages.


Can their online flirtation become something real?
"Melanie Jacobson nails everything: the chemistry, the will-they-won't-they, the humor. It's sweet romance at its best." -RanĂ©e Clark, author of Playing for Keeps
When smart, practical Emily finds herself in the crosshairs of an Internet prankster, her orderly world goes topsy-turvy. Instead of getting mad at the handsome stranger behind the joke, she finds herself drawn to him. But Jack Dobson, though hilarious and thoughtful, has a lot of secrets. Despite her growing feelings for her new and unexpected long-distance friend, his biggest secret of all might be the one that breaks the spell they've been weaving around each other.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Vote Now for Love in Bloom!

Love in Bloom is nominated for the Creme de la Cover contest by In D'Tale magazine!

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Love Again at the Heart of Main Street

I haven't read the other books in this series yet. But I plan to after reading this one.

Since I started with Book 4, I can safely say that these are standalone novels, but I'm betting they are best read as a series. There are definitely many characters whose stories I'd like to read about.

Tory and Nate both have backstories with depth that are the crux of all their issues as a couple trying to come together. I found the plot believeable, the characters emotionally accessible, and the romance perfectly seasoned with the right amount of sweet and kisses without being steamy. I liked the build up though could've used a little more afterglow once they finally got together before jumping into the epilogue. But that didn't stop me from enjoying this satisfying read.

I recommend this book, and have other books in this series ready to read on my kindle.


Her life is too chaotic for love. But adding more chaos is exactly what brings him--and love--in.

Tory is living her dream running her own coffee shop, Love a Latte, and raising four young kids. But her divorce left her doing it all on her own and not always succeeding. She'd consider marrying again someday-- as long as the man was the complete opposite of her ex. But she really has no hope of that, because who would ever willingly step into her chaotic life?

Not only has Nate's marriage failed, but during the entire time he was married, he'd failed at convincing his ex that they should start a family. His lack of a love life can't be helped, but with his busy construction company and crew, he can help others plenty.

When a tree falls on Love a Latte during a lightning storm, causing extensive damage to the building, Nate steps in to help Tory rebuild. As the damaged building is being mended, can working side-by-side also mend their damaged hearts?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Missed Kiss

I read this book on a trusted recommendation.

This book wasn't for me.

Let's start with the positive. The book is well written with flawed believeable characters who star in a second chance romance and have great chemistry, along with a lot of past emotional baggage to work through. Pacing is good and the story ends as it should. There was obviously plenty of brain power behind the storyline and characters along with good editing.

What didn't work for me. The foul language and steamy bedroom scenes. I'm a clean and wholesome kind of reader. If you are too, then I would caution about reading this one. If you're not, read away.


Bevin Young has two things in life: her pathetic career in blogging and her service dog. As the money flow comes to a surprising halt, she desperately searches for the next big viral story. As luck would have it, the Thirty under Thirty most eligible bachelor list just hit the news, and a certain stupid face is right at number one.

The perfect plot forms in Bevin's head. She could save her career and serve up some sweet, sweet justice all in one swoop. She'll just have to dress and act the part, snagging Mr. Eligible Buttface and use him for the story.

Hopefully she can keep her heart locked up this time when she faces Robbie Sterling: CEO, stupid handsome, and the once love of her life.

Reminiscent of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days meets Never Been Kissed, Missed Kiss is a story every romantic comedy lover shouldn’t simply pass over!