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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Vote Now for Love in Bloom!

Love in Bloom is nominated for the Creme de la Cover contest by In D'Tale magazine!

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Love Again at the Heart of Main Street

I haven't read the other books in this series yet. But I plan to after reading this one.

Since I started with Book 4, I can safely say that these are standalone novels, but I'm betting they are best read as a series. There are definitely many characters whose stories I'd like to read about.

Tory and Nate both have backstories with depth that are the crux of all their issues as a couple trying to come together. I found the plot believeable, the characters emotionally accessible, and the romance perfectly seasoned with the right amount of sweet and kisses without being steamy. I liked the build up though could've used a little more afterglow once they finally got together before jumping into the epilogue. But that didn't stop me from enjoying this satisfying read.

I recommend this book, and have other books in this series ready to read on my kindle.


Her life is too chaotic for love. But adding more chaos is exactly what brings him--and love--in.

Tory is living her dream running her own coffee shop, Love a Latte, and raising four young kids. But her divorce left her doing it all on her own and not always succeeding. She'd consider marrying again someday-- as long as the man was the complete opposite of her ex. But she really has no hope of that, because who would ever willingly step into her chaotic life?

Not only has Nate's marriage failed, but during the entire time he was married, he'd failed at convincing his ex that they should start a family. His lack of a love life can't be helped, but with his busy construction company and crew, he can help others plenty.

When a tree falls on Love a Latte during a lightning storm, causing extensive damage to the building, Nate steps in to help Tory rebuild. As the damaged building is being mended, can working side-by-side also mend their damaged hearts?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Missed Kiss

I read this book on a trusted recommendation.

This book wasn't for me.

Let's start with the positive. The book is well written with flawed believeable characters who star in a second chance romance and have great chemistry, along with a lot of past emotional baggage to work through. Pacing is good and the story ends as it should. There was obviously plenty of brain power behind the storyline and characters along with good editing.

What didn't work for me. The foul language and steamy bedroom scenes. I'm a clean and wholesome kind of reader. If you are too, then I would caution about reading this one. If you're not, read away.


Bevin Young has two things in life: her pathetic career in blogging and her service dog. As the money flow comes to a surprising halt, she desperately searches for the next big viral story. As luck would have it, the Thirty under Thirty most eligible bachelor list just hit the news, and a certain stupid face is right at number one.

The perfect plot forms in Bevin's head. She could save her career and serve up some sweet, sweet justice all in one swoop. She'll just have to dress and act the part, snagging Mr. Eligible Buttface and use him for the story.

Hopefully she can keep her heart locked up this time when she faces Robbie Sterling: CEO, stupid handsome, and the once love of her life.

Reminiscent of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days meets Never Been Kissed, Missed Kiss is a story every romantic comedy lover shouldn’t simply pass over!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Dreaming of the Next Door Doc

This is my first read by Ms. Jacobs and I'll be back for more. I'm excited she has a whole alphabet series going.

I really like the interaction between Avery and Daniel. He's got all kinds of social issues, but is super smart and really sweet. Avery needs to see the light sooner, but if she did, there wouldn't be much of a story.

Love the next door neighbor! She's a hoot.

I found myself wanting to shun my everyday responsibilities to grab my kindle and finish reading. You will too.


Can the new doctor next door save Avery from a broken heart?

ER doctor David Daniels thinks his neighbor, Avery, is way out of his league. But chemistry is chemistry, and he's pretty sure they have some. If only she wasn't dating someone else . . .

Avery Middleton thinks her neighbor is cute in a dorky brother kind of way. But the more she gets to know him, he seems a little less like a brother and a lot more like the sexy doctor next door. If not for her recently rekindled relationship with a boyfriend from the past, she might give the doctor a second look.

When David learns something incriminating about Avery's boyfriend, he's forced to decide: play it safe or risk his friendship with Avery and possibly his career to tell her the truth.

Will the sparks between David and Avery be enough to turn their friendship into more?

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hitching the Pitcher

This a fun second chance romance centerered around a baseball player and a museum curator/teacher.

Both Sawyer and Erica are down to earth, relatable, and have both personal and professional hurdles to overcome. There's great interaction and chemistry between the characters.

Looking forward to reading more about the Six Pack in the series.


Running into his former college girlfriend wasn’t supposed to happen. Falling for her again wasn’t supposed to happen either.

Sawyer Bennett has a secret. A risky thing, being one of the popular Belltown Six Pack, a group of six guys from the same college baseball team, all of whom got drafted and now play in the Major Leagues. Between the media frenzy over them and his bond with the guys, his secret has to stay carefully hidden if he wants it to stay that way. He needs to focus on his pitching and let everything else fall away.

Confessing his secret to Erica Moore was definitely not supposed to happen. But the harder he falls for Erica, the more important his secret—and she—becomes.

Welcome to Belltown! Six baseball players meet in the college town of Belltown, Massachusetts, becoming best friends, their lives intertwining as they each get called up to the Major Leagues.