Thursday, April 23, 2020

Love Again at the Heart of Main Street

I haven't read the other books in this series yet. But I plan to after reading this one.

Since I started with Book 4, I can safely say that these are standalone novels, but I'm betting they are best read as a series. There are definitely many characters whose stories I'd like to read about.

Tory and Nate both have backstories with depth that are the crux of all their issues as a couple trying to come together. I found the plot believeable, the characters emotionally accessible, and the romance perfectly seasoned with the right amount of sweet and kisses without being steamy. I liked the build up though could've used a little more afterglow once they finally got together before jumping into the epilogue. But that didn't stop me from enjoying this satisfying read.

I recommend this book, and have other books in this series ready to read on my kindle.


Her life is too chaotic for love. But adding more chaos is exactly what brings him--and love--in.

Tory is living her dream running her own coffee shop, Love a Latte, and raising four young kids. But her divorce left her doing it all on her own and not always succeeding. She'd consider marrying again someday-- as long as the man was the complete opposite of her ex. But she really has no hope of that, because who would ever willingly step into her chaotic life?

Not only has Nate's marriage failed, but during the entire time he was married, he'd failed at convincing his ex that they should start a family. His lack of a love life can't be helped, but with his busy construction company and crew, he can help others plenty.

When a tree falls on Love a Latte during a lightning storm, causing extensive damage to the building, Nate steps in to help Tory rebuild. As the damaged building is being mended, can working side-by-side also mend their damaged hearts?

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