Thursday, December 31, 2020

Keep Me at Christmas

Ms. Whitney brings us to small town America where everyone loves the holiday season. Well, all but one. 

Since he's mending a broken heart, I think we can forgive his less than jolly attitude. And then there's our girl who's running away from constant reminders that it's not her turn for love. 

This was a perfect book to curl up with holding a mug of cocoa. You'll feel warm and chocolatety all the way down to your toes with this story. 


She's only passing through. He's not ready for love. Can the magic of the season keep them together beyond Christmas?

Top 1 Amazon Bestseller in American Literature Anthologies Top 3 Amazon Bestseller in Holiday Fiction When Luciana Romano arrives in Hudson Springs, New York, her plan is to complete her restoration job at the museum so she can return home to her family right after Christmas. But a blizzard grounds all flights, and she finds herself stranded. The DiLorenzo family offers her a place to stay, and she accepts their hospitality. But the unexpected attraction between her and the quiet, good-looking son makes it hard to want to leave. Jack DiLorenzo is stuck. Managing the family’s Italian café is not what he’d planned to do with his life, but his sense of duty won’t let him quit. When his grandmother invites a Portuguese woman to stay with them, Jack feels something he hasn’t felt for a long time: hope. He knows he shouldn’t get close to Luciana since she’s leaving as soon as the airport opens, but he can’t help himself. Yet as the magic of the season begins to work on them, he wonders how he can let go of the woman who’s awakened his heart. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Snowfall & Mistletoe

Ms. Pennington pens a delightful Christmas tale full of mishaps and a creepy boss that needs avoiding at all costs. Good thing there's a hunky hero to protect the damsel in distress. 

This story falls more in line with the rom/com line that Ms. Pennington is so good at. You'll have great holiday fun reading this one. 


Snowed in with the one woman he can't have. 

Gavin's life was orderly and successful—until he fell for the same woman his boss wanted.

When the owner of the company forbids employees from dating, Gavin knows it's just because he doesn't want any competition for Holly's affections.

If it was just his job on the line, Gavin would have shrugged and gone for it, but Holly desperately needs to keep her job to help provide for her sister and niece. Especially with Christmas just around the corner. For now, at least, they must keep their relationship in the friend zone.

But when their boss makes a move to force himself on Holly's attention, Gavin will do anything to protect her. 

He just hadn't counted on the snowstorm moving in early and stranding them together in a remote cabin two days before Christmas. And not just any cabin. Their boss's cabin. 

Surely one kiss won't ruin everything. 

A perfectly sweet Christmas romance that will make you laugh and swoon at the same time. Grab your copy today.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Another Chance for Love

This was a heartfelt read by Ms. Hardy. 

Setting: homeless shelter. A woman trying to keep the place running and a PR guy with a bad rep who needs to shape up his image. Together they can save a small bit of the community. 

Great conflict and motivations in the characters. Lots of good side characters. A fairly quick holiday read. 


Can Bree and Robert's Relationship Survive the Storm?

Bree Matthews loves running the local homeless shelter and helping people get back on their feet. But when a blizzard hits New York City, it’s everything Bree can do to keep up with the overflowing shelter. 

Robert Miller has seen his share of unwanted media attention and this last bar fight has put him out of work. When he offers to volunteer at the homeless shelter where Bree works, he doesn’t expect to fall in love with the beautiful, spunky owner.

While Robert is the last person Bree wants to have working at the shelter, he constantly surprises her as he makes repairs that are so desperately needed. Will their budding attraction for each other survive the worst storm New York City has seen in years, or will their hearts be frozen forever?

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Marrying Miss Kringle: Robyn

I love the premise of this story. Christmas is at stake unless a daughter gets married to keep the magic intact. 

Poor Robyn. She's been through so much. Lost her boyfriend. Lost out on being Santa. And home is melting. Enter the dating show to find true love and get married by Christmas Eve. We meet all the family and while following Robyn's story pick up bits and pieces of the other sisters stories. It got me excited to read the rest of the series. 

Lots of fun and magic in this Christmas tale. 


Christmas will be ruined…

Robyn Kringle’s sisters make falling in love look easy; but Robyn’s struggled for the last three years.

Set ups? Tougher than peanut brittle.
Club hopping? Not her jam.
Online dating? Like her fruitcake—full of nuts!

With children all over the world counting on stockings full of goodies, Robyn has just two weeks left to find her one true love and save Christmas.

She has a plan.

She’s enlisted help.

But a handsome and scroogie security guard stands in her way.

Friday, December 4, 2020

New Release: Under Snowflakes & Stars


Under Snowflakes & Stars

Escape from the holiday hustle and bustle for an hour for only $0.99! 
Free on KU!

Her hula hips have him spinning. His cowboy skills will keep her alive. When a blizzard strands them together, sparks fly under snowflakes and stars at the Fantasy Music Festival.

When Noelani sees snow for the first time, she’s amazed by it’s beauty, but unprepared for the cold. She plans to spend her downtime at the Fantasy Music Festival curled up by a fire under a blanket with a perpetual mug of hot cocoa.

Cache hasn’t had a girlfriend in a decade, but the sun-kissed Noelani has him rethinking his flirty ways and craving something deeper. He invites her on a snowmobiling adventure, hoping she’ll love the serenity of winter. Having her arms around him is a bonus.

They both get more than they bargained for when a blizzard blows in, stranding them. Cuddling goes from pleasure to necessity in a heartbeat.

When the crisis ends, can they make a future together or have they only been under a yuletide spell?

A holiday short story that can be read in an hour or less.

Fantasy Music Festival Series:
Hart & Soul
A Song in Every Kiss
Heart of Joy
Under Snowflakes and Stars

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Take a Cowboy Home for Christmas

 This is a great collection for a holiday read by Ms. Isaacson. Seven stories, I believe all happening at different ranches. So you can get an introductory story into the life at the various locations and then want to go read the series associated with that ranch. A really good marketing technique. 

All the stories are unique, original, and totally satisfying. Ms. Isaacson threads through the inspirational Christianity without being heavy handed or preachy. The focus is on the romance and the how to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of happily ever after. 

A good holiday pick. 


Take a cowboy home for Christmas... Get seven feel-good, satisfying, and uplifting cowboy romances in this clean and sweet holiday collection. You'll get lost in ranch life, with sexy and sweet cowboys, swoon-worthy, faith-filled romance, and the perfect love story to curl up with as you sip a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fireplace!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Until We Kissed

This sweet story had a slow and steady build that came to a satisfying end.

The characters are relatable, and you'll even wish to give Livvy a slap upside the head a time or two for holding onto her dream of marrying a doctor. Love isn't dictated by jobs but by the heart.

Mason is a near book boyfriend who finds more than inspiration in Livvy and Pine Valley.

Another enjoyable read by Ms. Moore.


Livvy knows Dr. Slade McKinney is the perfect man for her, but when she keeps running into Mason, Livvy discovers fate has a different plan.

USA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore welcomes you to Pine Valley!

Pine Valley librarian Livvy Harmon has big dreams, which include marrying Dr. Slade McKinney. Trouble is, he’s only kissed her once in their four months of dating, and it wasn’t all that great. But Livvy isn’t ready to give up yet on hooking such an amazing man, even though Slade seems to have time for everyone but her.

When Livvy keeps running into writer Mason Rowe, who seems to be camping out in her library to finish his book under strict orders from his agent, Livvy at first keeps him at arm’s length. But the more their friendship grows, the more she finds that her dream relationship with her doctor boyfriend isn’t so dreamy after all.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Christmas Anthology

As with any anthology, there are some stories I prefer over others. Most of these were well written and edited. They are all clean and wholesome/sweet. They are short stories so easy to fit in during the busy holiday season when you need an escape from all of the hustle and bustle. Short stories can by tricky, and one or two would've worked better as a novella or a fully developed novel.


Six romance-filled Christmas short stories just in time for the holiday at a price that can't be beat. Discover a new author or see what one of your favorites has been writing as you devour these tales while eating a snowman sugar cookie and drinking hot tea by the light of a Christmas tree.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Second Chance at Christmas Inn

Ms. Meyer has created a delicious dilemma for the heroine and hero in this second chance love story.

Their goals are opposite, yet they're stuck at the inn through the holidays, plus there's all that history they need to work through. Surviving the holidays intact is all their hearts can hope for.

It's a wonderful journey reading how Holly and Stephen will work through their emotional hangups beyond each other and ultimately make the decisions that will effect their futures.

Kudos to grandmother for knowing what circumstances needed to happen to bring joy to all of their hearts.

I hope we get a story about Stephen's sister. I'd like to see her fall in love and the incredible man who would win her heart.

An snuggle-up-with-a-blanket-and-hot-cocoa kind of read.


Two Broken Hearts

An Inherited Christmas Inn

And a Grandmother Determined to Bring Them Together

A Hallmark Christmas movie style, second chance romance” -Amazon Reviewer

Holly Graham is not interested in celebrating Christmas. In fact, she’s renounced the holiday and all the cheer that comes with it. So returning her grandmother’s Christmas Inn was not something she wanted to do. 
Until she found out that in order to sell the inn, she needed to spend one last Christmas there. 
Stephen Jones has two goals this holiday season: run Christmas Inn for one last holiday season and take care of his sister and nephew. Helping the girl he once loved sell the only place he’s ever called home was not in his job description. 
Especially when she’s acting like she’s forgotten everything she once loved about the inn and maybe...him.
Holly is persistent to sell even when Stephen refuses to respect her wishes. Or his adorable nephew pulls at her heart strings. Add the mysterious notes from her grandmother, and Holly’s frozen heart begins to melt. 
Does the magic of Christmas Inn hold enough power to bring these two wandering souls together? 

Find out in Anne-Marie’s Second Chance at Christmas Inn. A sweet, swoon-worthy Christmas romance with toe-curling kisses and all the holiday cheer you could ever want.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Stockings, Wishes, & Christmas Kisses

Some of my favorite authors are included in this holiday anthology. All of the stories are wonderfully sweet and well crafted. Nice to have shorter stories to read during the busy holiday season.


Cupcakes and Kisses

By Victorine E. Lieske

Sparks fly when Candice gets trapped in an elevator with her nemesis, Liam Russell. Can they learn to overcome their differences, and find love for the holidays?

The Christmas Bodyguard

By Tamie Dearen

Mariah doesn't want a bodyguard... especially not Mack, her brother's super-hunky head of security. Then Mack gets mistaken for her boyfriend! What else could go wrong?

A Fake Date for Christmas

By Michelle Pennington

Lane's food truck was the perfect place for Aubrey to hide from her matchmaking sister, but asking him to be her fake date to the Candy Cane Ball backfired. Falling for him was not part of the plan.

Christmas Bet

By Annie Houston

Winning a Christmas bet will get Ben a brand new car. Will he be able to win Lilly over, and what will he do when he finds out she's the girl of his dreams?

Get a FREE recipe with each story! 3 of them are Gluten-Free. Buy your copy today!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Cowboy's Fake Marriage/Marrying the Cowboy

Ms. Livingston likes writing the fake marriage trope, and it shows in the best possible ways. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the designer and the cowboy work to save the house and his love life. Or rather get rid of his ridiculous ex-wife. There were great antics and tug and pull as they try to deny their real feelings as they sell their fake relationship. 

A fun read to get lost in. 


A designer who’s lost her job, a cowboy with a crumbling home, and a business arrangement that’s mutually beneficial.

When Grace Maddox breaks down in Willow Valley, Texas, she finds herself suddenly jobless and staying at a rundown bed and breakfast. The only benefit, besides the handsome and rugged cowboy who owns it, is the gorgeous old house that's begging to be restored. But when she overhears his ex, threatening to force him to sell the place, she can’t help but rush in to save the place by claiming to be his fiancée.

Jackson Bellamy’s ex-wife leaves nothing but trouble in her wake. When she shows up at his family’s 1800s bed and breakfast and demands that he take her back or her father will foreclose on his property, he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. But when his mysterious and pretty guest jumps to his rescue, his ex gives him the bad news that he has three months to sell the place or pay it off.

Now, Jackson and Grace must keep the illusion going as they work together to save the family home and maybe, in the process, save each other.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Silver Screen Dreams

I'm usually a fan of Ms. Bennett's writing, but this one didn't quite connect for me.

The writing is solid. The characters well crafted. But the plot didn't quite come together. I had no issues with the ethnic or cultural backgrounds of the characters. And I don't even mind far-fetched over the top romance either. I felt like there were holes or missed plot points or something. Maybe another book in this series would be more to be taste. 


Summer Henley is sick of playing it safe. Safe career path (accounting,) safe place to live (with her parents,) and a safe best friend (Mark.)
In her dreams she was a screenwriter with a home in Malibu and a hot actor boyfriend, but that was saved in her someday file. For the moment, she’d play the part of a good worker, good daughter, and good friend. Even though her heart longed for something more, especially with Mark.
It wouldn’t be so hard to stay just friends if Mark would quit being so amazing to her. Knowing her dream, he’s secured her a spot as an extra in Korean television show⸺placing her directly in the path of the handsome lead actor. Now, two incredible men are vying for her attention and she has to decide if her dreams are really what she wants, or if her reality is better than she could ever imagine.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Billioniare Romance Collection

Ms. Lieske has kindly bundled some of her billionaire romances together for a seamless romantic read. 

Four couples. Four scenarios. Four adventures. Four happy endings. I picked this up for a steal and didn't mind that I'd read one or two before. If you need a break from reality, then this is a luxurious way to spend sometime. 


Book 1: Her Big Fat Fake Billionaire Boyfriend
Kenzie just wants to show up at her sister's wedding and not look like a loser. When she mistakes Camden for her date-for-hire, things spin out of control. Camden starts to fall for her wacky personality, but Kenzie has her heart well guarded. Can her heart take another chance at love?

Book 2: Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best Friend
Miranda is devastated when she's dumped days before her wedding. She convinces her best friend, billionaire game designer Drew Tucker, to go with her on her dream vacation -- the cruise that was supposed to be her honeymoon. She doesn't realize Drew has been in love with her since high school, and this trip will be torture for him. Can he convince her he's not the same high school nerd?

Book 3: Her Big Fat Hunky Billionaire Boss
Katherine adores her job at the small town newspaper. When Damian, the handsome owner, shows up right before Christmas, she suspects he's there to shut them down. Things get complicated when her manager forces her to be nice to the man and show him around town. How can she be falling for the one who could cost her the job she desperately needs?

Book 4: Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex
Felicity should have known something was up when she took the all-expenses paid job photographing the beautiful resort in Belize. When she arrives, she finds her ex-fiance, Aiden, is the owner, and Grams, her beloved almost in-law is the one behind the setup. But Aiden hasn't changed, and she can't allow herself to fall for him again.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Chinese Cinderella

This true story was sad and infuriating. 

It raised many questions. And sometimes I wondered if it was a cultural misuderstanding to some degree. But there were frequent times, when the behavior between the family members was simply cruel. And it wasn't just the step-mother. The father needed some lessons in humanity as well. 


A Chinese proverb says, "Falling leaves return to their roots." In her own courageous voice, Adeline Yen Mah returns to her roots to tell the story of her painful childhood and her ultimate triumph in the face of despair. 

Adeline's affluent, powerful family considers her bad luck after her mother dies giving birth to her, and life does not get any easier when her father remarries. Adeline and her siblings are subjected to the disdain of her stepmother, while her stepbrother and stepsister are spoiled with gifts and attention. Although Adeline wins prizes at school, they are not enough to compensate for what she really yearns for -- the love and understanding of her family. Like the classic Cinderella story, this powerful memoir is a moving story of resilience and hope. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Princess for the Gentleman

Ms. Strunk has done a wonderful job of creating characters that fall in love under an fake relationship marriage while making the reader fall in love with the story. 

Zia undergoes quite a transformation from haughty princess to loveable wife. Dugray isn't a step behind her. He has his own demons to wrestle with, though his are of the psychological kind. Zia's are more physical peril. 

The pacind is solid and I was curious from beginning to end as to how Ms. Strunk would have the scenes play out. 

Definitely worth your time. 


A princess in hiding. A gentleman in financial straits. And the accident that brought them together.

Life is falling into place for Dugray Dawson. He has finally purchased a run-down estate of his own. But to make it successful he must work hard and follow his plan precisely. He has no time or inclination toward love. But when he comes upon a carriage accident and the maid who survived, he cannot simply walk away.

Zia Petrovich arrives in England in search of her uncle, a man she has never met, in hopes that he will protect her from an unwelcome arranged marriage. When her carriage crashes, she is removed to the dilapidated estate of a surly, albeit handsome, gentleman who refuses to believe she truly is the princess she claims to be.

When Zia’s betrothed discovers her location, both Zia and Dawson must decide if they will follow their carefully constructed plans or their unreasonable hearts.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Falling Down Under Giveaway!

 Falling Down Under Giveaway!

Will you win a signed book bundle or a Maria Hoaglund book bundle or a mystery prize?

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Best Friends with a Royal Billionaire

This is a quick read with lots of conflict. 

Hearts are on the line as a devastating storm threatens a small European country. 

I like the interaction between Amara and Arlo. They're both nervous to reveal their feelings for the other in this Cinderellaesque remix. There's lots of back and forth and then the kiss takes a difficult turn. 

I enjoyed the story and the characters. I could've used a few more dialogue tags. There were several conversations where I had to go back and find the thread to figure out who was speaking. But that's a nit picky thing. 

A fun way to spend an hour or two and learn a little something about kite sailing. 


Being the Prince's best friend had its perks. Being his Gardener did not.

Prince Arlo just wants to date and marry Amara, but she pushes him away every time he tries. She knows what the press would say. She's already seen what his parents think about the match.

They agree to spend a month of the summer together at the annual prince's yacht party, anchored on a sand bar in the Mediterranean but everything becomes that much more complicated when a family of royals show up, with the daughter Arlo is expected to date. But everything comes to a stand still when the hurricane of the decade slams into Arlo and Amara's home country.

Will Arlo's parents finally see that Amara is the perfect queen for their country? Will Amara herself accept that fact?

Read this third book of friendship, loyalty and service as two best friends find their way into love.

Get to know more of the men in the royal prince society, the perks of the wealthy, their games as royals, and their adventures on the Mediterranean.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Catching Coy

I really enjoyed this novel by Ms. Clark. 

I do like reality tv storylines and this one was a delight. I loved the immediate connection between Bellamy and Coy and the lengths they both went to in order to be honest with each other and those around them. 

There are lots of humorous moments as they both try to negotiate the terms in which they're allowed to interact both on and off the show. 

While this series can be read as stand alone works, I found myself wondering what happened in the first book between Roxy and Tag. I may need to get the rest of the series so I can enjoy each one from cover to cover. 

If you like sweet, swoon-worthy romance, then you've found the right book. 


From the moment Coy Jones lays eyes on Bellamy Hansen, he knows he’s falling in love. Despite the sparks flying between the two, there’s one problem: Bellamy is not one of the eight women competing for Coy’s heart on the popular dating reality show, The Catch. She’s the manager of the trendy Ranch House bed and breakfast where the show is set this season in the small town of Little River.

Amidst their fast-growing friendship, he finds himself turning to Bellamy for advice about the women who are on the show. Bellamy knows it’s a terrible idea to fall for him, especially if she doesn’t want to lose the trust of The Ranch House’s exclusive clientele, yet she can’t seem to help herself.

Eager to see if what they have is real, Coy convinces Bellamy to join the contestants in a competition for his heart. Suddenly she’s fighting for him amidst jealousy, drama and lies, and more than one woman there for the wrong reasons. With the pressure of the show, both of them can’t help wondering, did they toss their hearts in the ring only to have them shattered?

Thursday, August 20, 2020

My Not So Wicked Series

This is a trilogy centered around a few inhabitants in the small and charming town of Carrington Cove. 

Each story is unique, with loveable but flawed characters who need to overcome their own emotional mountains before they can arrive at happily-ever-after. 

I couldn't chose a favorite couple or story in this trilogy. Each character, each couple had their own special charm and quirks that made them endearing. 

You'll have to read for yourself to find a favorite...if you can. 

This is a little on the edgy side for sweet/clean & wholesome. There is some deep kissing and bedroom talk but nothing is shown on page. 

Definitely worth the read, especially on a trip when you can devour the stories without stopping. 


"When it comes to rich, emotional, sigh-worthy romance, Ms. Peel is the master. And, the "Not So Wicked" trilogy is her 5-star monument." ~ TJ Mackay, Founder/Publisher, InD'tale Magazine

My Not So Wicked Stepbrother

Loveless is more than a name, it's a curse.

I, Emma Loveless, have a destiny. It's not the greatest of destinies, but when you have a name like Loveless, what can you do? I'm cursed to always be the friend, never the girlfriend. Unless you count my love affair with Duncan Hines, Dr. Pepper, and the ever-lovable Pillsbury Doughboy. They've seen me through it all, but a girl needs more than refined sugar to curl up to every night. It doesn't help that I have a meddling, albeit wonderful, mother who can't help playing matchmaker. Thanks to her, I can say I've been on a date with a felon. Now she swears she's found the one for me, her new optometrist, Dr. Sawyer King. Meanwhile, I'm preparing for the inevitable restraining order. That is, until I meet the sexy doctor and have to admit my mother is right--love at first sight does exist.

Unfortunately, my last name means business. Not only do I find myself in the friend zone, but also the twilight zone. Only in my world would Mr. Right turn into my stepbrother. To top it off, he brings with him a wicked stepmother who will do anything to keep us apart. Despite all this my heart--or is that my mom?--keeps telling me Sawyer is the one. But what if true love isn't strong enough to interfere with my destiny? It'll be me and the Doughboy...for eternity.

My Not So Wicked Ex-Fiancé

He rocked her world. She wrecked his. Now their worlds are colliding again.

Expensive schools and etiquette classes never prepared Shelby Duchane for Ryder Prescott. He taught her more about life in his hay field classroom beneath a blanket of stars than anyone. Under that Georgia sky, she pledged forever to the farm boy with soul-melting chocolate brown eyes, even though it meant forfeiting her large inheritance. She couldn't wait to clip coupons and buy clothes off the sales rack until death do they part. But then she receives some photos of her intended with someone she had not intended. Brokenhearted, Shelby flees her hometown for Colorado without bothering to say goodbye to her cheating ex-fiancé.

A year later and wiser, Shelby's doing her best to move on while running her boutique in Carrington Cove, when Ryder shows up and challenges all she thought she knew. Perhaps he wasn't the wicked ex-fiancé she believed him to be after all. But will Ryder be able to swallow his pride enough to see why she was so persuaded? Will he realize before it's too late that the only way to heal his own broken heart is to mend Shelby's?

My Not So Wicked Boss

Love knows no contract.

Aspen Parker's life can be summed up in one word. Unexpected. For instance, she never expected to become a mother at twenty. Her divorce at twenty-one really threw her off. She certainly didn't see losing her promotion at the bank to that weasel Stephen. And she most definitely didn't see Miles Wickham, better known as Taron Taylor--international bestselling author, the man whose words have captivated her--offering her a job to be his nephew's nanny.

But there's a caveat to accepting the position; she must sign a contract agreeing to no romantic entanglements between her and the debonair Brit. Aspen doesn't expect this to be an issue seeing as she's not particularly fond of men. Once again, though, life is not turning out how she expected.

While Aspen and Miles traverse single parenthood together, there's no denying the chemistry between them. She can't figure out how her charming boss knows how to pierce the protective layers of her heart, and it's driving her mad. Mad with desire that is. Miles, too, is finding it hard to resist the reserved beauty who brilliantly takes care of his nephew and him. But with both their tentative hearts on the line, can they risk taking a chance on each other? Which will win? Love or the contract?

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Renting His Heart

This was a fun fake/real relationship light second chance romance.

I say light because Chloe and Austin knew each other in the past but didn't date. With a history to build on, I could get behind a quick wedding to acheive their mutual goals. The history also allowed me to believe they could fall in love almost as quickly.

There are lots of fun antics and likeable characters throughout the story. The pacing moves along at a consistent quick pace. An easy enjoyable read.

A few typos, but that's most books these days. Though there did seem to be timeline jumps. When I thought it was morning or afternoon, suddenly it was night. Or I couldn't tell how much time had passed between some scenes or chapters. Certainly not deal breakers though. I might be a picky reader on those points.

I would read more in this series.


Austin wants nothing more than to have his mom and grandma off his back. When his grandma threatens to cut him off from his grandfather's estate until he's married, it's the last straw.

Chloe has finally hit it big with her books and her clothing line. Now if she could just get her parents to leave her alone. Her cousin's wedding sends Chloe on a trip to a small town in Idaho, and she runs into an old crush on the way.

When Chloe finds out that Austin has a lot to lose, she offers to marry him to appease their parents and help Austin gain his estate in the process. Can they maintain their agreement and move on, or will their old flames reignite and grow into something more?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Chemistry of a Kiss

This was another excellent book in the series.

Note: I've read them out of order and there's no problem with that as each of the books are written as stand alones.

Ms. Krey certainly knows what she's about when writing YA romance.

There's lots of teen conflict and drama going on even before the characters get to fake dating. I really enjoyed how the teens had real problems. Divorce. Boyfriend/girlfriend issues. And yet the problems weren't represented as over the top with constant inner rants and meltdowns.

Having a teen at home,  I could see most of this unfolding in a real high school.

Plus, I think the teacher had the idea to give Harper and Jett a nudge in the right direction.

Very fun premise and read.


It was supposed to be a fake relationship, but then he kissed me. and things got real.

How did I end up in a fake relationship with the gorgeous captain of the basketball team, Jett Bryant?

I used to dream of kissing Jett back in kindergarten. He was the pastor's son but that didn't stop me from tackling him on the playground and kissing him smack on the lips.

Fast-forward to senior year when Jett and I got partnered to research—of all things—the chemistry of a kiss. It made me think about those yummy lips of his, which was not good since I was dating bad boy TJ Reynolds.

But then TJ kissed Jett's ex-girlfriend so I broke things off, and that's how the whole fake relationship began.

Now, all the feelings I had for Jett are flooding back as we spend time researching the kiss. We've even started exploring the chemistry of our own mind-blowing kisses while we "pretend" to like each other during our study dates.

Things really get complicated when Jett starts cozying up to me when nobody's around to witness it. It seems like this whole fake relationship is turning into the real thing. But how can I be sure?

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Where I Belong

This is a fun Cinderella retelling.

I liked how Jane comes into Cameron's life. His horrific bride-to-be hires her to clean his house.

Jane is a down-to-earth girl. Cameron is full of surprises.

There's plenty of plot twists to keep the story lively and interesting.

A clean and wholesome romance. A satisfying read.


When Jane dresses up for the gala event of the year, she wonders if Cameron is truly a Prince Charming to her Cinderella.

USA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore welcomes you to Pine Valley!

Jane Morris makes a living cleaning the houses of the wealthy residents of Pine Valley, and she tries hard not to judge their extravagant lifestyles. But when one of her clients goes through a devastating breakup with his fiancé, Jane finds herself in the middle of his emotional mess. She wants to help him, but Cameron Vance is a man she could easily lose her heart to. Yet, Jane agrees to be his date to the charity event of the year, organized by Cameron’s mother. But the magical night shows Jane that if she’s a Cinderella, then Cameron is definitely a candidate for Prince Charming.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Magnolia Inn

This is a wonderful story of friendship and new beginnings with a romantic thread. But the women and their progress is the real gem here.

Told from both Clementine's and Maggie's points of view, you learn of their heartaches and failures. Also how a small town can be a place of healing and transformation.

I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.


A story about new friendships, a forgotten Book Club, and finding what you didn't know you needed. 

Welcome to Magnolia

Maggie is thirty-six, recently divorced and embarrassingly unemployed. With a bank account nearing zero she does the only thing she can think of: make a business proposition to her gorgeous and successful estranged mother. 
To Maggie’s utter surprise, her mother agrees. Any funds she can create off the sale of the dilapidated family inn on the island of Magnolia would be hers to invest. 
So Maggie packs her few belongings and heads off to Rhode Island to make her dreams come true. 
Clementine has been stuck in Magnolia her whole life. The moment her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she knew she could never leave. And it was unrealistic for her to rely on her older brother, Archer, who can't seem to outrun the ghosts of his past. 
So when Maggie blows into town, both Clementine and Archer find themselves intrigued by the new move-in.
When they stumble upon an old photograph of Maggie’s grandmother buried up in the attic, Maggie can’t help but be drawn to a woman she’s never met. In an attempt to feel closer to a family she never knew, a book club is revitalized.  
The Red Stilettos Book Club. 
What starts out as an act of desperation, soon becomes exactly what the women of Magnolia island were looking for, a sisterhood. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Maiden in the Tower

Ms. Kimball has created a charming romance based on Rapunzel.

The plot is full of twists and turns. The characters are wonderful in their interactions and have well developed inner and outer conflicts.

I loved Lisette's innocence and Gerry's delight in seeing the world through her eyes.

I'd be delighted to read the rest of the series.


He's the first man she's ever met. She's the exact opposite of the woman he's supposed to marry.
Lisette Hunt has been hidden away her entire life, with nothing but a large window up in the cottage turret to give her a glimpse of the outside world. Until Gerry Worthington stumbles into her garden in search of his runaway dog. 
As a second son, Gerry has never seen the need to take life too seriously. Less than pleased with his frivolity, his mother orders him to marry a woman of means and banishes him to his family’s small, rundown estate. Unfortunately, innocent and penniless Lisette is the very opposite of what he needs.
But Gerry cannot resist the mystery surrounding Lisette, and soon he can no longer resist Lisette and her endearing peculiarity. As Gerry slowly opens Lisette’s eyes to a larger world, she begins to open her heart to him. However, when Gerry uncovers the truth about who Lisette really is, it may cost them a chance at happiness together.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

A Man Worth Shaving For

I'm a long-time fan of Ms. Pennington and have enjoyed her growth as a writer over time.

This is my favorite book she's written so far. I truly think romantic comedy is where her genius lies and shines. I hope she continues to write in this genre. I want to read more.

I thought the premise of the book was humorous and delightful. The writing was clever. The character's were awesome. I loved having a heroine with curves and the challenges and perks of being so. Every woman, regardless of size, has insecurities about her body. And Ms. Pennington used them to connect the reader to the heroine.

The chemistry was great and kept to kissing. The bedroom scene had me laughing, though the first chapter was even funnier.

Was Logan a man worthy of the shaving list? Read and find out.


Our goodnight kiss should have been goodbye.

We meant it to be.
But Monday morning there was Logan Jennings, in my office, deciding the fate of the company I love...and my job.
I never should have said the things I said or let myself feel the things I felt because connections like this don't just go away. Even when you desperately need them to.
In two weeks, he'll be gone, and nothing will ever be the same.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

An Unexpected Bride

I know when I pick up a book by Ms. Newbold, that I'm in for a treat.

The writing is solid, the conflict strong, the characters engaging, the pace perfect, and the romance sigh-worthy.

I kept looking for moments in my day when I could find a minutes to read a few pages, brushing my teeth or stretching my legs.

If you want a proper romance, then pick up any book by Ms. Newbold.


When a missing lady returns to Brighton, all she wants is to protect her child. Can a marriage of convenience with an honorable gentleman save them both?

Eleanor Claridge had it all. A family that loved her, a secret romance with a handsome soldier, and a beautiful home in the seaside town of Brighton. Abducted and taken to Scotland under the ruse of a happy elopement, Eleanor was forced to marry the wicked man she had once loved. Widowed and alone, she flees on the first coach back to Brighton with her young son, vowing never to marry or trust another man again.

Henry Beaumont, by all opinions of society, was meant to be a vicar. After inheriting an estate, he finds his life of a gentleman boring, bleak, and without purpose. When he meets the missing Claridge girl on her journey back to Brighton, he is drawn to protecting Eleanor, her son, and their many secrets.

When Eleanor's reputation and the safety of her child are questioned, she has no choice but to enter into a marriage of convenience with Henry, whose kindness and inviting blue eyes leave her questioning if love is such a dreadful notion after all. Can she learn to open her heart again? Or will the secrets of her past catch up with her before she has the chance?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lucky You

Ms. Stevenson has crafted a wonderful romance that kept me turning the pages and anxious to find stolen minutes in my day to read a little bit more.

The pacing moves along, the characters are instantly likeable, and the setup of what will bring them together and could also tear them apart is excellent.

I'll certainly read more by Ms. Stevenson.


She has trust issues. He’s keeping secrets. Can love overcome the odds?

Piper Robinson wants one thing out of life—independence. That goal promises to become a reality when she lands her dream job as assistant to a realty mogul in her hometown of Pine Ridge, Colorado. What Piper doesn’t see coming is tall, dark and handsome Drew Carson.

Drew is a mysterious newcomer to Pine Ridge who sweeps Piper off her feet with his chocolate brown eyes and rugged charm. He’s got a secret that he can’t share, but not telling Piper is proving harder than he bargained for.

As the two spend more time together, fireworks abound, but will Piper be able to make room for love in her carefully crafted world, especially after she learns Drew’s secret? It’s going to take fate—and a little bit of luck—to decide.