Thursday, January 31, 2019

Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Collection

Billionaire Bride Pact Romance: Cami's Collection by [Checketts, Cami]

I loved every single one of the six novels in this collection.

They were well plotted, full of emotion, and plenty of romance. Every character came with flaws, and all the couples had hurdles to overcome before they got their HEA.

If you are looking for a series to devour, this is the one to get. You won't even crave chocolate while you read. It's that good.

As always, Ms. Checketts lives up to her reputation for writing clean, page-turning romance.


Six complete romance novels, perfect for anyone who loves clean and fast-paced romance. 
The Resilient One: Alyssa Armsworth, a world-renowned photographer, has no intentions of honoring the Billionaire Bride Pact she made at girl’s camp to avoid getting whipped cream smeared on her face while she slept. Marriage is the last thing on her to-do list and when her father forces his wealthy friends on her, she runs to Maui. 
Her plan to jog on the beach, take some great pictures, and avoid men works—until Beckham Taylor arrives. Spending days on the ocean with the handsome ex-NHL star is ideal, but Alyssa's guilt for past transgressions begins to consume her. She doesn’t think Beckham could ever forgive what she’s done to him and his family. Before she can confess, her misdeeds are thrust onto the front cover of the tabloids. Now, Alyssa must face her past or lose her future. 
The Feisty One: Can he hide his heart or will the reporter take everything?
Maryn Howe isn't intimidated by billionaire recluse, Tucker Shaffer, or his enormous log cabin in Island Park, Idaho. Maryn needs this interview and she'll get it at any cost, even if the last four reporters were physically removed from his presence.
Tucker Shaffer has no desire to change his less than flattering public image; but his PR people persuade him to give it one more try. Ready to make nice with whoever comes through the door, Tucker is blindsided by a petite blond with an extra-large personality. As the snow piles up and the questions keep coming, Maryn discovers the secret Tucker Shaffer has spent the last four years torturing himself with. She suddenly sees him in a new light and she flees--right into danger and into Tucker's arms.
But the danger has just begun and now Maryn has to make a choice--trust in Tucker or lose it all.
The Independent One: Single mom, Haley Turnbow, escapes to the tropical Isla del Sol for an ideal vacation with her five-year old. She's planning on lazy beach days, great food, and a happy kid. She doesn't plan on the resident hotel ghost stalking her and the island's fine-looking owner drawing her in with his confident, fun personality. 
Cal Johnson is king of his own island, happy and busy. Thoughts of a family are on the horizon, but always seem out of grasp until a beautiful mom and her wild little boy flip his world upside down. He falls in love with both of them. Realizing they're going to leave at the end of their vacation, he does everything in his power to capture Haley's heart. 
Haley and Cal may be able to enjoy a vacation romance, but can what they feel translate into the real world? Only a giant leap of trust will give the answer.
The Protective One:
Betrayed by an FBI agent while in protective custody, MacKenzie Gunthrie escapes a crime lord and is left hiding from the authorities and her enemies. She finds solace in the peaceful mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado. With help from a longtime girl's camp friend and a new identity, she's starting to feel safe. The only problem is the overconfident and much too good-looking Isaac Turnbow.
The Faithful One: Zander Keller survived a stint on reality TV and the addiction recovery center that fame forced him into, but he should never have agreed to do an undercover boss ploy to help his father. The beautiful manager of the Southern bed and breakfast makes him laugh and forget his troubles, until she tries to solve his commitment issues like every woman has since his mother’s murder. 
The Daring One: Summer Anderson has the perfect life—designing toys and traveling the world—until the venture capitalist company, Mumford’s Sons, helps her dad sell his toy company to the highest bidder. Summer loses her designs, her job, and her lifestyle, and is forced to work for a friend in Crested Butte, Colorado.
Chance Judd, owner of Mumford’s Sons, takes a mountain biking trip to Crested Butte and accidentally runs Summer off a running trail.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Hiding with the Billionaire

Hiding with the Billionaire (Billionaires of REKD Book 1) by [Weaver, Donna K.]

I have yet to read a book by Ms. Weaver that I didn't like and this book was no exception.

Welcome to the world of REKD and online gaming. (I do wish the meaning of that had been explained at the beginning instead of the end of the book.) I did find it fascinating to learn about how games of this nature are played and get an insider look at the fan base and popularity of this pastime.

It's a bit of a suspense romance, but light on the suspense and heavy on the romance, the way I prefer it.

Poor Ahri, such a tragic beginning. And Rafe. There's nothing worse than being the boss of the woman you're falling in love with.

Ms. Weaver isn't afraid to bring emotional depth to her characters. You feel as if you are right there inside their heads and hearts.

Great supporting cast. I'm looking forward to getting to know each of the Billionaire Boys in turn. Please let there also be more appearances by Francie's family.

When you start this book, be prepared to do nothing else but read.

Ahri Meisner's estranged husband leaves her with nothing but an obscure warning that both of them are in grave danger. Now she is on the run.

Not knowing who else to trust, Ahri flees across the country to stay with her brother. All thoughts of safety are shattered when her husband is murdered. Ahri knows she could be next. Desperate to avoid her husband's fate she assumes a new identity to stay hidden. but working for her brother's too-handsome business partner might present a different kind of danger. 

Rafe Davis has gone from being a poor scholarship boy to billionaire CEO of REKD Gaming. The only child of a loving mother and an emotionally abusive father, things haven't come easy for him. Rafe's business is his life. That all changes when he agrees to help the attractive Ahri hide under a new identity. Her presence, and his growing need to keep her safe, threaten to throw off his carefully unbalanced life.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Falling for You

Falling for You (Peak City Romance Book 2) by [Noelle, Jo]

Ms. Noelle delivers a well-paced sweet romantic read. There's mystery, intrigue, and the great outdoors. What's not to love?

Zara and Trevor are a bit of a second chance romance, and well worth the wait for both of them to grow up. 
There are hard, even tragic, obstacles between them, all of which will tug on your heartstrings on multiple levels. They handle their trials with grace and you'll be cheering for them all the way to the end. 

A billionaire returning home as an undercover boss. She's his childhood crush with too much on her plate. Can they find the time for a second chance at love?

Zara Hollis never thought that at twenty-three, she’d trade in her passion for hiking and spelunking to run a mortuary and care for her mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s. When Trevor Cooley, all grown up and gorgeous, moves back to town, Zara is drawn to the quiet man who used to be her childhood friend, but now in a much-more-than-friendly way.

Trev wants to pull Zara, as fun-loving and beautiful as ever, back into his life and hopefully, into his arms. But there’s a problem. He’s only in Colorado for a short time on a stint as an undercover boss. He and his company can’t afford distractions, especially when this particular distraction may jeopardize not only his plans, but also his heart.

**Note: This book was previously published in the Stormy Kisses anthology.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Damen's Secret

Damen's Secret: Novella (Regency House Party: Somerstone) by [Johnson, Jen Geigle]

Ms. Johnson and regency romance? Yes, please!

If you ever read one of Ms. Johnson's books, you know they are well researched, emotionally deep, and totally swoon worthy. This book is no exception.

Ms. Johnson delivers a tale of interest in a compact format. My only complaint...I wanted more!
Please also note, that I read this as a standalone against the advice of the author to read Tabitha's Folly it's companion novel. That means I'll be adding it to my TBR list.


What happens when a villain falls in love? Will his newfound true feelings be strong enough to divert him from his nefarious plans?

The Story of a villain and the life he makes for himself. This is a companion novella to Tabitha's Folly. And although it can be thoroughly enjoyed alone, the true nature of Damen and all his secrets will be better understood having read Tabitha's Folly where his first villainous nature is revealed. Many wanted to understand him better and so, Damen's Secret was born. 

Damen Laconi is of noble blood from both of his parents. Unfortunately neither will claim him. Legitimacy is hard won as a footman in England. He values his position as the handsomest footman on the countess' estate but hungers for more, a title of his own.

Giorgia comes from Italy, sent by Damen's mother, to woo him and bring him home. Can she accomplish such a thing before her own secrets are revealed, and before he carries out his own reckless plans?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Never Say Match

The characters are fully developed, the conflicts and stakes set, and the emotions come pouring off the page. I rooted for both MC's from page one and enjoyed reading the story from both their perspectives. A delightful sweet and clean romance. 

Cassidy Erickson refuses to obsess over the fame-chasing ex-fiancĂ© who left her at the altar. Instead, she’s focused on making her new cupcake shop a success. Then the unthinkable happens. Jase Larson—A-list actor and co-star of her heartless ex—shows up at the family ranch to research an upcoming role.Jase’s career is taking off, but years of chasing the perfect role hasn’t filled the emptiness in his heart. When he visits Sunset Plains to prepare for a cowboy film, it feels like the place he was always meant to be—especially when he meets Cassidy, the stunning cupcake shop owner who can’t seem to stand him. Too bad it’s all temporary and he’s returning to Hollywood in a month. When a freak lighting storm fries the appliances at Cassidy’s cupcake shop, Jase becomes her unexpected hero. But Cassidy can’t shake the fear that she’s just a fill-in heroine. Can Jase convince her that he’s really a country boy at heart before he loses her forever?