Thursday, January 10, 2019

Damen's Secret

Damen's Secret: Novella (Regency House Party: Somerstone) by [Johnson, Jen Geigle]

Ms. Johnson and regency romance? Yes, please!

If you ever read one of Ms. Johnson's books, you know they are well researched, emotionally deep, and totally swoon worthy. This book is no exception.

Ms. Johnson delivers a tale of interest in a compact format. My only complaint...I wanted more!
Please also note, that I read this as a standalone against the advice of the author to read Tabitha's Folly it's companion novel. That means I'll be adding it to my TBR list.


What happens when a villain falls in love? Will his newfound true feelings be strong enough to divert him from his nefarious plans?

The Story of a villain and the life he makes for himself. This is a companion novella to Tabitha's Folly. And although it can be thoroughly enjoyed alone, the true nature of Damen and all his secrets will be better understood having read Tabitha's Folly where his first villainous nature is revealed. Many wanted to understand him better and so, Damen's Secret was born. 

Damen Laconi is of noble blood from both of his parents. Unfortunately neither will claim him. Legitimacy is hard won as a footman in England. He values his position as the handsomest footman on the countess' estate but hungers for more, a title of his own.

Giorgia comes from Italy, sent by Damen's mother, to woo him and bring him home. Can she accomplish such a thing before her own secrets are revealed, and before he carries out his own reckless plans?

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