Thursday, May 18, 2023

Risking it All

I'm a long time fan of Ms. Checketts. 

This romance starts fast and never slows down, which means you need to clear your schedule when you sit down to read this book. 

It's a second chance romance with wacky, life in peril twists along the way. So besides the characters emotional baggage, they need to find a way to stay alive and stay together. 

Now to read the rest of the series...


A world-renowned athlete who desperately loves the only woman out of his reach. . .
Bridger Hawk has been in love with Avalyn Shaman since childhood. He knows he’ll never be worthy of her charitable heart, so he throws himself into a life-threatening extreme sports career. When they reconnect at his brother’s wedding, he can’t resist kissing her at every opportunity. She demands that he stay away from her and her heart, and after multiple rejections, he gathers what’s left of his pride and leaves.

A motivational speaker and philanthropist who’s convinced they are polar opposites . . .
Avalyn has always loved Bridger Hawk, but he shredded her heart in high school and she knows that, given a chance, he’ll do it again. She can’t let him toy with her emotions again, so she pushes him away, almost against her will. But when she’s kidnapped and forced to be the pawn and prize in dangerous events that risk her life and virtue, Bridger is forced to compete in the deranged challenges and is the only hope she has to survive.
Will Avalyn choose to open her heart and see the sincerity of Bridger’s devotion? Bridger knows he has to save Avalyn at all costs ... even if it means he can’t have her. Can he save her and prove to her that his love isn’t just a show for his fans?

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Her Cowboy Billionaire Bachelor: An Everett Sisters Novel

Whenever I sit down to read a book by Ms.Isaacson I know I'm in for a well written, well paced, and stunningly sweet romance that will keep me turning pages. 

This novel is no exception. 

The characters each come with their own problems and own goals and have to figure out how to mesh them together. Set in winter, you'll get all the cozy vibes. 

Now I need to read the other books in this series. 

A holiday bachelor auction brings a cowboy billionaire doctor and a country music star together. Will Rose and Liam be able to navigate their opposites to find a future together?

Rose Everett isn't sure what to do with her life now that her country music career is on hold. After all, with both of her sisters in Coral Canyon, and one about to have a baby, they're not making albums anymore. She travels to Wyoming to help her sister with the new baby, only to discover that she may have been focusing on all the wrong things, and that she desperately wants a family of her own.

Problem is, she's been out with several men in the past year and there's never a spark—until she meets a handsome doctor on the plane.

Then there's fireworks, even if he brags about speaking Swahili.

Liam Murphy has been working for Doctors Without Borders, but he's back in the US now, and looking to start a new clinic in Coral Canyon. He's never wanted anything but to practice medicine and help people, but when he runs into the beautiful blonde he met on the plane, he starts to think there could be more to his life than his job.

When Rose wins a date with Liam in a bachelor auction, their relationship blooms and grows quickly. Problem is, Liam's spent his whole life building his career, and he doesn't know how to make room for Rose and the family she wants. As Christmas approaches, and he's still no closer to putting her above his clinic, Rose wonders if she should find someone else. After all, she's not getting any younger, and her time to have children won't last forever.

Can Liam and Rose find a solution to their problems that doesn't involve one of them leaving Coral Canyon with a broken heart?

Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Entangled Princess

This is my first read by Ms. Sessions. 

Overall I enjoyed the characters, setting, and worldl building. Clearly a lot of effort and time were put into the creation of the story. For this Ms. Sessions should be commended, and the reader is rewarded with being plopped in a romanticized medieval novel. 

My only difficulty was the pacing. It moved a little slow for me once I'd identified the principal players, the conflict, and how the issues would need to be resolved. That is purely personal preference and shouldn't slow you down from adding this book to your device for a good read. 

There's a serious loose thread I'd like to see wrapped up in the next book, but I think that was purposeful on the author's part. I won't explain so as not to spoil the story. 

A princess in disguise. A dangerous warrior. A hundred-year war.
They never know that their greatest love and greatest threat are one and the same.

Amid the ruins of endless war, Princess Marguerite of Asterias, Meg to those who love her, is determined to find a way to help her people. Unknown to her weary father and domineering brother, she secretly steals away from the castle to feed and clothe the hungry in her kingdom. She hopes desperately to find someone, some way to save her country.

And then she meets a stranger.

Dark, dangerously handsome, a soldier in her father’s army, or at least that’s what he says. When she sees his extraordinary fighting skills, Meg can’t help but wonder. He’s far more than a mere foot soldier. Despite the mystery that enshrouds him and the ever-increasing danger of her kingdom falling into chaos as the enemy army prepares to attack, Meg cannot resist him.

Will undeniable attraction, secret rendezvous, and forbidden love stand in the way of their happily-ever-after?

If you like sweet historical novels with spunky heroines, dreamy warriors, and sweeping, majestic scenery, then you will adore Shantal’s evocative enemies-to-lovers romance.