Thursday, February 28, 2019

Kiss & Makeup (A Destination of Heart Romance Book 2) GIVEAWAY!!!

Kiss & Makeup (A Destination of Heart Romance Book 2) is finally here!

One kiss is all they need to go from friends to lovers. Who will cross the line first?

Maddie regrets putting Connor in the friendzone by kissing another man. Her chance at redemption comes when she’s hired as a makeup artist on a film in London, Connor’s city. All she needs to do is apologize, and coax him across the friendship line—if Connor still wants her.

Connor should’ve moved on from Maddie when she made it clear she wasn’t interested in a relationship with a stuffy British banker. With her arrival in London, Connor plans to make the most of his second chance. But his secrets will either win her heart or drive her back across the Atlantic for good


Monday, February 11, 2019

Even Books Need Facelifts

Two of my books recently received facelifts. Even books have to keep up with the times to catch a reader's eye.

Fallen Angel, my first book, needed a cover that screamed romance. What do you think?


12 Days to Love needed a new cover so I could tie the A Destination of Heart Romance series together. Do you like it?


Next week I'll reveal the cover of Kiss & Makeup (A Destination of Heart Romance Book 2)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Earl & His Lady

The Earl and His Lady: A Regency Romance (Branches of Love Book 4) by [Britton, Sally]

This may or may not be my first read by Sally Britton, but it certainly won't be my last.

It was everything a historical romance should be: clean, well-written, and utterly romantic. The pacing is consistent throughout. It's a smooth read, as if you were floating down a gentle river where once in a while you'd come around a bend and be greeted with another glorious vista.

Virginia and Lucas hit all the right notes with their grief, their questioning, and their ability to fall in love all over again. The sons were adorable and the villain a proper scoundrel.

A must for historical romance readers.


A widow desperate to save her children and an earl looking for a purpose come together in a marriage of convenience. 
Lady Virginia Macon, the recently widowed Baroness of Heatherton, has an impossible decision to make. Her late husband’s unscrupulous brother demands guardianship of her sons. The courts are on his side, unless she marries someone willing to stand in her late husband’s place. Locking her heart away and devoting herself to her children is the only way Virginia can countenance such a decision.
Wearied by the world, Lucas Calvert, Earl of Annesbury, is tired of being alone. His wife’s passing six years previous left his life gray and empty. His only recourse has been to make life better for those around him, using his considerable wealth and influence. When he learns of Virginia’s plight, he knows he can save her and her sons.
During one of the rainiest summers in England’s history, Virginia and her children bring light and color back into Lucas’s life. But will Virginia’s determination to protect her heart destroy their possibility of finding happiness together?