Thursday, December 31, 2020

Keep Me at Christmas

Ms. Whitney brings us to small town America where everyone loves the holiday season. Well, all but one. 

Since he's mending a broken heart, I think we can forgive his less than jolly attitude. And then there's our girl who's running away from constant reminders that it's not her turn for love. 

This was a perfect book to curl up with holding a mug of cocoa. You'll feel warm and chocolatety all the way down to your toes with this story. 


She's only passing through. He's not ready for love. Can the magic of the season keep them together beyond Christmas?

Top 1 Amazon Bestseller in American Literature Anthologies Top 3 Amazon Bestseller in Holiday Fiction When Luciana Romano arrives in Hudson Springs, New York, her plan is to complete her restoration job at the museum so she can return home to her family right after Christmas. But a blizzard grounds all flights, and she finds herself stranded. The DiLorenzo family offers her a place to stay, and she accepts their hospitality. But the unexpected attraction between her and the quiet, good-looking son makes it hard to want to leave. Jack DiLorenzo is stuck. Managing the family’s Italian cafĂ© is not what he’d planned to do with his life, but his sense of duty won’t let him quit. When his grandmother invites a Portuguese woman to stay with them, Jack feels something he hasn’t felt for a long time: hope. He knows he shouldn’t get close to Luciana since she’s leaving as soon as the airport opens, but he can’t help himself. Yet as the magic of the season begins to work on them, he wonders how he can let go of the woman who’s awakened his heart. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Snowfall & Mistletoe

Ms. Pennington pens a delightful Christmas tale full of mishaps and a creepy boss that needs avoiding at all costs. Good thing there's a hunky hero to protect the damsel in distress. 

This story falls more in line with the rom/com line that Ms. Pennington is so good at. You'll have great holiday fun reading this one. 


Snowed in with the one woman he can't have. 

Gavin's life was orderly and successful—until he fell for the same woman his boss wanted.

When the owner of the company forbids employees from dating, Gavin knows it's just because he doesn't want any competition for Holly's affections.

If it was just his job on the line, Gavin would have shrugged and gone for it, but Holly desperately needs to keep her job to help provide for her sister and niece. Especially with Christmas just around the corner. For now, at least, they must keep their relationship in the friend zone.

But when their boss makes a move to force himself on Holly's attention, Gavin will do anything to protect her. 

He just hadn't counted on the snowstorm moving in early and stranding them together in a remote cabin two days before Christmas. And not just any cabin. Their boss's cabin. 

Surely one kiss won't ruin everything. 

A perfectly sweet Christmas romance that will make you laugh and swoon at the same time. Grab your copy today.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Another Chance for Love

This was a heartfelt read by Ms. Hardy. 

Setting: homeless shelter. A woman trying to keep the place running and a PR guy with a bad rep who needs to shape up his image. Together they can save a small bit of the community. 

Great conflict and motivations in the characters. Lots of good side characters. A fairly quick holiday read. 


Can Bree and Robert's Relationship Survive the Storm?

Bree Matthews loves running the local homeless shelter and helping people get back on their feet. But when a blizzard hits New York City, it’s everything Bree can do to keep up with the overflowing shelter. 

Robert Miller has seen his share of unwanted media attention and this last bar fight has put him out of work. When he offers to volunteer at the homeless shelter where Bree works, he doesn’t expect to fall in love with the beautiful, spunky owner.

While Robert is the last person Bree wants to have working at the shelter, he constantly surprises her as he makes repairs that are so desperately needed. Will their budding attraction for each other survive the worst storm New York City has seen in years, or will their hearts be frozen forever?

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Marrying Miss Kringle: Robyn

I love the premise of this story. Christmas is at stake unless a daughter gets married to keep the magic intact. 

Poor Robyn. She's been through so much. Lost her boyfriend. Lost out on being Santa. And home is melting. Enter the dating show to find true love and get married by Christmas Eve. We meet all the family and while following Robyn's story pick up bits and pieces of the other sisters stories. It got me excited to read the rest of the series. 

Lots of fun and magic in this Christmas tale. 


Christmas will be ruined…

Robyn Kringle’s sisters make falling in love look easy; but Robyn’s struggled for the last three years.

Set ups? Tougher than peanut brittle.
Club hopping? Not her jam.
Online dating? Like her fruitcake—full of nuts!

With children all over the world counting on stockings full of goodies, Robyn has just two weeks left to find her one true love and save Christmas.

She has a plan.

She’s enlisted help.

But a handsome and scroogie security guard stands in her way.

Friday, December 4, 2020

New Release: Under Snowflakes & Stars


Under Snowflakes & Stars

Escape from the holiday hustle and bustle for an hour for only $0.99! 
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Her hula hips have him spinning. His cowboy skills will keep her alive. When a blizzard strands them together, sparks fly under snowflakes and stars at the Fantasy Music Festival.

When Noelani sees snow for the first time, she’s amazed by it’s beauty, but unprepared for the cold. She plans to spend her downtime at the Fantasy Music Festival curled up by a fire under a blanket with a perpetual mug of hot cocoa.

Cache hasn’t had a girlfriend in a decade, but the sun-kissed Noelani has him rethinking his flirty ways and craving something deeper. He invites her on a snowmobiling adventure, hoping she’ll love the serenity of winter. Having her arms around him is a bonus.

They both get more than they bargained for when a blizzard blows in, stranding them. Cuddling goes from pleasure to necessity in a heartbeat.

When the crisis ends, can they make a future together or have they only been under a yuletide spell?

A holiday short story that can be read in an hour or less.

Fantasy Music Festival Series:
Hart & Soul
A Song in Every Kiss
Heart of Joy
Under Snowflakes and Stars

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Take a Cowboy Home for Christmas

 This is a great collection for a holiday read by Ms. Isaacson. Seven stories, I believe all happening at different ranches. So you can get an introductory story into the life at the various locations and then want to go read the series associated with that ranch. A really good marketing technique. 

All the stories are unique, original, and totally satisfying. Ms. Isaacson threads through the inspirational Christianity without being heavy handed or preachy. The focus is on the romance and the how to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of happily ever after. 

A good holiday pick. 


Take a cowboy home for Christmas... Get seven feel-good, satisfying, and uplifting cowboy romances in this clean and sweet holiday collection. You'll get lost in ranch life, with sexy and sweet cowboys, swoon-worthy, faith-filled romance, and the perfect love story to curl up with as you sip a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fireplace!