Thursday, November 26, 2020

Until We Kissed

This sweet story had a slow and steady build that came to a satisfying end.

The characters are relatable, and you'll even wish to give Livvy a slap upside the head a time or two for holding onto her dream of marrying a doctor. Love isn't dictated by jobs but by the heart.

Mason is a near book boyfriend who finds more than inspiration in Livvy and Pine Valley.

Another enjoyable read by Ms. Moore.


Livvy knows Dr. Slade McKinney is the perfect man for her, but when she keeps running into Mason, Livvy discovers fate has a different plan.

USA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore welcomes you to Pine Valley!

Pine Valley librarian Livvy Harmon has big dreams, which include marrying Dr. Slade McKinney. Trouble is, he’s only kissed her once in their four months of dating, and it wasn’t all that great. But Livvy isn’t ready to give up yet on hooking such an amazing man, even though Slade seems to have time for everyone but her.

When Livvy keeps running into writer Mason Rowe, who seems to be camping out in her library to finish his book under strict orders from his agent, Livvy at first keeps him at arm’s length. But the more their friendship grows, the more she finds that her dream relationship with her doctor boyfriend isn’t so dreamy after all.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Christmas Anthology

As with any anthology, there are some stories I prefer over others. Most of these were well written and edited. They are all clean and wholesome/sweet. They are short stories so easy to fit in during the busy holiday season when you need an escape from all of the hustle and bustle. Short stories can by tricky, and one or two would've worked better as a novella or a fully developed novel.


Six romance-filled Christmas short stories just in time for the holiday at a price that can't be beat. Discover a new author or see what one of your favorites has been writing as you devour these tales while eating a snowman sugar cookie and drinking hot tea by the light of a Christmas tree.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Second Chance at Christmas Inn

Ms. Meyer has created a delicious dilemma for the heroine and hero in this second chance love story.

Their goals are opposite, yet they're stuck at the inn through the holidays, plus there's all that history they need to work through. Surviving the holidays intact is all their hearts can hope for.

It's a wonderful journey reading how Holly and Stephen will work through their emotional hangups beyond each other and ultimately make the decisions that will effect their futures.

Kudos to grandmother for knowing what circumstances needed to happen to bring joy to all of their hearts.

I hope we get a story about Stephen's sister. I'd like to see her fall in love and the incredible man who would win her heart.

An snuggle-up-with-a-blanket-and-hot-cocoa kind of read.


Two Broken Hearts

An Inherited Christmas Inn

And a Grandmother Determined to Bring Them Together

A Hallmark Christmas movie style, second chance romance” -Amazon Reviewer

Holly Graham is not interested in celebrating Christmas. In fact, she’s renounced the holiday and all the cheer that comes with it. So returning her grandmother’s Christmas Inn was not something she wanted to do. 
Until she found out that in order to sell the inn, she needed to spend one last Christmas there. 
Stephen Jones has two goals this holiday season: run Christmas Inn for one last holiday season and take care of his sister and nephew. Helping the girl he once loved sell the only place he’s ever called home was not in his job description. 
Especially when she’s acting like she’s forgotten everything she once loved about the inn and maybe...him.
Holly is persistent to sell even when Stephen refuses to respect her wishes. Or his adorable nephew pulls at her heart strings. Add the mysterious notes from her grandmother, and Holly’s frozen heart begins to melt. 
Does the magic of Christmas Inn hold enough power to bring these two wandering souls together? 

Find out in Anne-Marie’s Second Chance at Christmas Inn. A sweet, swoon-worthy Christmas romance with toe-curling kisses and all the holiday cheer you could ever want.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Stockings, Wishes, & Christmas Kisses

Some of my favorite authors are included in this holiday anthology. All of the stories are wonderfully sweet and well crafted. Nice to have shorter stories to read during the busy holiday season.


Cupcakes and Kisses

By Victorine E. Lieske

Sparks fly when Candice gets trapped in an elevator with her nemesis, Liam Russell. Can they learn to overcome their differences, and find love for the holidays?

The Christmas Bodyguard

By Tamie Dearen

Mariah doesn't want a bodyguard... especially not Mack, her brother's super-hunky head of security. Then Mack gets mistaken for her boyfriend! What else could go wrong?

A Fake Date for Christmas

By Michelle Pennington

Lane's food truck was the perfect place for Aubrey to hide from her matchmaking sister, but asking him to be her fake date to the Candy Cane Ball backfired. Falling for him was not part of the plan.

Christmas Bet

By Annie Houston

Winning a Christmas bet will get Ben a brand new car. Will he be able to win Lilly over, and what will he do when he finds out she's the girl of his dreams?

Get a FREE recipe with each story! 3 of them are Gluten-Free. Buy your copy today!