Thursday, October 31, 2019

Her Protector

I've been enjoying this series by Ms. Meyer.

The story gets its start under strange circumstances with James getting a cryptic phone call from his friend and impersonating a mondel to get to the girl who needs rescuing.

As always in romances, Layla and James must work through their own emotional baggage and share it with one another before they can discuss a future together.

An enjoyable installment in the series.


Her Protector is Off Limits

James is broken and running from a past he can’t face. He’s fine living his solitary life, away from anyone who he could hurt. Love was the last thing he deserved.

Layla is finished with her no good, ex-fiancĂ©. Just when she thought she’d rid him from her life, James shows up claiming that she’s in danger and must come with him.

Confused and hurt, Layla discovers that her world is destroyed. Despite warning bells, she agrees to travel with James down to his hometown of Honey Grove.

Determined to keep himself closed off, James tries to fight his feelings for Layla. But she’s sweet and gentle and just the thing that's been missing in his life.

If he could only find a way to forgive himself from his past mistakes, he’d love her like she deserves.

If you love broken heroes who are gruff but gentle, you’ll love Her Protector. A sweet romance where two broken hearts are trying to find love together.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Clever Alliance

Such a sweet and delightful read.

Everyone likes a fake engagement story, regardless of time period.

I liked that Madalene was an original heroine with a prowess for tree climbing, a trait that served her well in escaping danger.

Everrett was the right mix of gentleman with a saucy side.

There's also an element of danger and mystery with her first engagement and dishonest uncle.

A wonderful page turner.


Lady Madalene Ramsbury has been summoned home from Miss Bell’s Finishing School to some unfortunate news. In three weeks, she is to be married to a man she’s never met. Rather than face a life she does not want; she flees from her own engagement party and elicits help from a most unlikely source.

Society’s golden boy, Everett, the Marquess of Northampton, was outraged when a young woman suddenly appeared in his curricle. Was she attempting to trap him into an unwanted marriage? It would be just like some overzealous mother to put her up to such a ploy. However, it doesn’t take long for him to discover that Madalene is unlike any woman he has ever known.

With her reputation in shambles, Lady Madalene and Everett hatch a plan to solve both of their problems, a fake engagement. But as they spend time together, they realize more is on the line than just a blossoming friendship. And with danger ever present from her jilted suitor, Everett and Madalene find themselves relying on one another in ways they’d never imagined… but can they trust each other with their hearts?

Thursday, October 17, 2019

For the Magic

Another wonderful tale by Ms. Weaver. 

I’m a fan of the Twickenham series and enjoy each book I read. If you’ve read other books in this series, you’ll recognize some characters from past books. And of course, it wouldn’t be Twickenham without Aunt Nellie. She’s a fan favorite for sure. 

Time travel at Twickenham takes an unexpected twist when travel happens twice in the same night, leaving Michael and Ellen burned and scarred in 1851. They must take time to heal away from the other guest in Nellie’s house. This creates an unusual intimate experience for them, and is an ideal way to bring them into a romantic relationship. Secrets lurk in Michael’s past, which if he takes too long to reveal may cost him Ellen. He’ll need time to unriddle other family mysteries while at Twickenham.
I enjoyed Michael and Ellen’s shared love of gardening, and Lulu’s insistent coughs.

A charming read, that will keep you guessing until the end which time period Michael and Ellen will choose to build their future in.

Well done, Ms. Weaver.

When Lady Ellen Hildebrand is ripped to the future, she finds herself not only fighting for the fae magic that sent her but also for her life.

Ellen’s first London Season was a disappointment. She fears she’ll never meet a man who will see her for more than her fortune or ability to provide an heir.

Landscape architect Michael Addington thinks his grandfather is mental but never dreams the old man will try to set Twickenham Manor on fire. In Michael’s struggle to stop the act of arson, a young woman appears out of nowhere. Flames and fae magic engulf them both, the first burning them badly and the second transporting them back to 1851.

Ellen and Michael find they must rely on each other through the painful recovery. Day by day, their attraction grows. But Michael is riddled with guilt. If she discovers his dark secret, he could lose her forever . . . he’s the one who set her on fire.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Miss Weston’s Wager

Ms. Newbold’s book is constructed around William’s missing memories of his past, especially the memories involving Harriet, and a wager.

The characters and setting of Brighton draw you in, leaving you as lost and wondering as William as to what happened to estrange him and Harriet in the past and how they will move forward in the future, depending on whether his memories return or not.

There are family undercurrents of drama and expectation at play.

The characters and emotions are well constructed, and make them likeable and desirable. You feel their hopes and fears on every page.

This a heartfelt sweet read. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. 

A forgotten past, an impossible wager, and a second chance.

Despite her every effort, Harriett Weston cannot forget the boy she once loved—or the day she banished him from her life forever. Trapped in a wager with her matchmaking sister, she can no longer avoid William forever. She is required to endure three meetings with him, the beginnings of a courtship that could easily undo the determination of her carefully guarded heart.

Matters are further complicated when an opportunity arises for Harriett to go to London for the upcoming season, and William’s return to Brighton leaves him injured and unable to remember his past. When Harriett is credited for saving his life, William is drawn to her, believing that she can help him unravel the mysteries of his lost memory. Even his lost memories of her.

When a wicked force tries to keep them apart, can Harriett and William overcome regret, find courage, and claim a second chance at love?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Sugar & Spice is HERE at $0.99! Enter the GIVEAWAY!

She’s sugar. He’s spice. Can passion ignite when she's impersonating the woman he hates?

Sweet, shy Clara embarks to Spain to pursue her dream of becoming a travel writer, but after one run-in with her doppelgänger, Isabella, Clara’s impersonating a Flamenco dancer for a troop that’s facing financial ruin.

Spicy Teyo becomes Clara’s Flamenco mentor, teaching her to embody everything that is Isabella. Passing as someone else isn’t easy for Clara, especially since Isabella is the spice that once caught Teyo’s eye.

With no sign of Isabella’s return, Clara feels obligated to continue the switch, even if it means letting the press think Teyo and Isabella are dating.

When passion ignites between Clara and Teyo during tourist-filled days and dancing nights, Clara knows her heart’s in trouble.

Is it too much to hope that their sparks are real, or will their sugar and spice burn up on the dance floor?


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Three Fortunes for the Billionaire by Donna Weaver

Another excellent installment in the REKD series.

Ms. Weaver sweetens the plot by giving her hero a stress-induced speech impediment. I absolutely loved the way this endeared the hero to the reader while giving him a believable flaw that the reader could encounter in a person in their every day life. Working through this challenge is part Ezreal’s character arc and is handled beautifully.

I liked that Sara had real problems. An abusive ex-husband she’s trying to protect her children from for starters. But she also wants to make the world a better place and give underprivileged children a chance to study music. Sara is likeable but flawed, an excellent combination in a heroine.

The story was sweet and a page turning read to see how Ezreal and Sara would overcome their individual and relationship problems.

Be sure to read all the books in this series. It doesn’t matter what order.

***A clean billionaire romance***

Musician Ezreal Wallach might be a billionaire, but he can’t talk in front of crowds—or unfamiliar women. He’s asked to help with a music program for underprivileged children, but working with a woman is way out of his comfort zone. He’s about to say no until he meets her and her children. They bring the music in his mind alive in new ways. He’s never been on a date. For the first time in his life, he’d like to change that. But he has to figure out how to talk to her first.

Sara Fortune is suspicious of men and will do anything to protect her children from their violent father. She moves them across the country for safety. In her new location, she has the opportunity to help bring music to poor children. She finds herself drawn to the quiet, eccentric composer who’s been asked to help, but she worries that she and her children are becoming too attached to Ezreal. In her experience, all men are violent and controlling. Can she stop herself from falling in love before he shows his true colors?

Books in the Billionaires of REKD Series
1. Hiding with the Billionaire
2. Luck of the Billionaire
3. Three Fortunes for the Billionaire
4. A Lass for the Billionaire