Thursday, January 17, 2019

Falling for You

Falling for You (Peak City Romance Book 2) by [Noelle, Jo]

Ms. Noelle delivers a well-paced sweet romantic read. There's mystery, intrigue, and the great outdoors. What's not to love?

Zara and Trevor are a bit of a second chance romance, and well worth the wait for both of them to grow up. 
There are hard, even tragic, obstacles between them, all of which will tug on your heartstrings on multiple levels. They handle their trials with grace and you'll be cheering for them all the way to the end. 

A billionaire returning home as an undercover boss. She's his childhood crush with too much on her plate. Can they find the time for a second chance at love?

Zara Hollis never thought that at twenty-three, she’d trade in her passion for hiking and spelunking to run a mortuary and care for her mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s. When Trevor Cooley, all grown up and gorgeous, moves back to town, Zara is drawn to the quiet man who used to be her childhood friend, but now in a much-more-than-friendly way.

Trev wants to pull Zara, as fun-loving and beautiful as ever, back into his life and hopefully, into his arms. But there’s a problem. He’s only in Colorado for a short time on a stint as an undercover boss. He and his company can’t afford distractions, especially when this particular distraction may jeopardize not only his plans, but also his heart.

**Note: This book was previously published in the Stormy Kisses anthology.

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