Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lucky You

Ms. Stevenson has crafted a wonderful romance that kept me turning the pages and anxious to find stolen minutes in my day to read a little bit more.

The pacing moves along, the characters are instantly likeable, and the setup of what will bring them together and could also tear them apart is excellent.

I'll certainly read more by Ms. Stevenson.


She has trust issues. He’s keeping secrets. Can love overcome the odds?

Piper Robinson wants one thing out of life—independence. That goal promises to become a reality when she lands her dream job as assistant to a realty mogul in her hometown of Pine Ridge, Colorado. What Piper doesn’t see coming is tall, dark and handsome Drew Carson.

Drew is a mysterious newcomer to Pine Ridge who sweeps Piper off her feet with his chocolate brown eyes and rugged charm. He’s got a secret that he can’t share, but not telling Piper is proving harder than he bargained for.

As the two spend more time together, fireworks abound, but will Piper be able to make room for love in her carefully crafted world, especially after she learns Drew’s secret? It’s going to take fate—and a little bit of luck—to decide.

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