Thursday, August 13, 2020

Renting His Heart

This was a fun fake/real relationship light second chance romance.

I say light because Chloe and Austin knew each other in the past but didn't date. With a history to build on, I could get behind a quick wedding to acheive their mutual goals. The history also allowed me to believe they could fall in love almost as quickly.

There are lots of fun antics and likeable characters throughout the story. The pacing moves along at a consistent quick pace. An easy enjoyable read.

A few typos, but that's most books these days. Though there did seem to be timeline jumps. When I thought it was morning or afternoon, suddenly it was night. Or I couldn't tell how much time had passed between some scenes or chapters. Certainly not deal breakers though. I might be a picky reader on those points.

I would read more in this series.


Austin wants nothing more than to have his mom and grandma off his back. When his grandma threatens to cut him off from his grandfather's estate until he's married, it's the last straw.

Chloe has finally hit it big with her books and her clothing line. Now if she could just get her parents to leave her alone. Her cousin's wedding sends Chloe on a trip to a small town in Idaho, and she runs into an old crush on the way.

When Chloe finds out that Austin has a lot to lose, she offers to marry him to appease their parents and help Austin gain his estate in the process. Can they maintain their agreement and move on, or will their old flames reignite and grow into something more?

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