Thursday, October 22, 2020

Silver Screen Dreams

I'm usually a fan of Ms. Bennett's writing, but this one didn't quite connect for me.

The writing is solid. The characters well crafted. But the plot didn't quite come together. I had no issues with the ethnic or cultural backgrounds of the characters. And I don't even mind far-fetched over the top romance either. I felt like there were holes or missed plot points or something. Maybe another book in this series would be more to be taste. 


Summer Henley is sick of playing it safe. Safe career path (accounting,) safe place to live (with her parents,) and a safe best friend (Mark.)
In her dreams she was a screenwriter with a home in Malibu and a hot actor boyfriend, but that was saved in her someday file. For the moment, she’d play the part of a good worker, good daughter, and good friend. Even though her heart longed for something more, especially with Mark.
It wouldn’t be so hard to stay just friends if Mark would quit being so amazing to her. Knowing her dream, he’s secured her a spot as an extra in Korean television show⸺placing her directly in the path of the handsome lead actor. Now, two incredible men are vying for her attention and she has to decide if her dreams are really what she wants, or if her reality is better than she could ever imagine.

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