Thursday, September 13, 2012

Consecrated by Angie Lofthouse

So, this month I'll be reviewing three novellas or short stories if you will by Angie Lofthouse. They are prequel or side stories to get you excited to read her new book Defenders of the Covenant which came out in March 2012. You can check out all her great writing and purchase links at
Carly Emerson never imagined she would lose her two-year old son to faceless android soldiers, nor did she ever consider that keeping her temple covenants might break her heart. When aliens attack, Carly is asked to bear a child who will be hidden in an underground refuge—without her. The grief stricken mother must make a choice: keep her covenants and die or take a chance at survival on her own.

At 60 pages or less, you certainly have time to read this well written story that will challenge your own beliefs on what you think you would be capable of if you found yourself in Carly's shoes. 2 year old son kidnapped by alien soldiers with no hope of retrieval. Loss of friends and loved ones. Death and destruction surround you on every turn and cripple if not erase your father in your Heavenly Father. In your own struggle to find faith, your bishop has just asked you and your husband to sire a child you will give up right after birth to be raised in a safe refuge location and are likely to never see again, probably because you will be dead shortly after delivering the child. Thus is Carly's situation.

If you are a person of faith, whether LDS or another religion, this book will raise questions about how strong your faith is. It may help you to realize that perhaps you are not as strong as you wish to be, or perhaps you will be like Abby a woman whose faith never wavers no matter how great the loss of life is or sacrifice required. I like books that raise questions, even uncomfortable ones.

Look for my next review of another one of Ms. Lofthouse's novellas.

What book religious or otherwise has raised questions in your faith?


  1. Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad you enjoyed it! =)

  2. Great review, Lisa! I'm looking forward to reading these. I'm sure I'll like them as much as I liked Defenders of the Covenant. : )

  3. I really enjoyed "Defenders of the Covenant" and Angie's novellas are on my to-read list.