Thursday, November 13, 2014

Muffins & Murder

Muffins & Murder is the third installment of the Sweet Bites Mystery series by Heather Justesen.

It's amazing how many people one cup cake baker can uncover in one small southwest town. Poor Tess, finds her third body and while this time she vows to stay out of it, others clamor for her to solve the 'whodunit'. So, once more she finds herself trespassing, borrowing/stealing evidence, and setting herself in the murder's sights.

In the meantime she starts to date Jack and her distant romance with Shawn moves closer to home. Oh, my. Bring on the kisses, which is as steamy as the romance gets. It's a clean/sweet one, so if you're looking for something beyond that, head elsewhere.

I love the continued theme of Tess creating her own family and place in town. It's great fun to watch her play big sister to Lenny.

Also, Tingey starts to let his guard down a little.

As per usual, and half the fun of books like these in my opinion, we have recipes to make. Yum! Better yet, it sticks to desserts. Double Yum!

Well crafted and twistedly told, you'll be turning the pages fast all the way to the end. Did you guess the killer ahead of the unveiling?

Best part, it looks like there'll be a fourth installment. Can't wait.

Halloween carnivals are supposed to be all fun and games, but when one of the school teachers is found strangled by a quilted table runner at the end of the night, Tess, bakery owner and amateur sleuth, is on the case. 
Between stalkers, small business rivals and neighbors whose hobbies clash with the victim’s, there is no shortage of suspects. Tess’s social life finally starts to take off as things get interesting with Jack and her good friend and employee, Lenny’s, wedding is only days away, Tess has got her hands full. Will she be able to catch the killer before he or she strikes again?

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