Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What Every 6th Grader Needs to Know Launch!

It's launch day for this new book, that, as a parent of an upcoming 6th grader, I'm super excited about. Now you can go get your own copy!

Popular authors Rachelle J. Christensen and Connie E. Sokol have teamed to create a must-have growing up series for girls. In time for Mother’s Day, the first book is now available: “What Every 6th Grader Needs to Know: 10 Secrets to Connect Moms & Daughters.”
As mothers of a combined twelve children (five of them girls), they’ve sought questions and experiences from everyday sixth grade girls. Then researched and practiced the answers! This power-packed book of time-tested information is now yours. Read, ruminate, and reconnect with your daughter in meaningful ways through the tough-conversation how-tos.
*10 key questions sixth grade girls want to ask
*10 chapters of real-life answers for the girls
*Conversation connection tips for moms to make talking fun
*Practice scenarios so your daughter is prepared for the “what-if”
*Positive affirmation Super Sentences to remind her what she’s learned
*Real experiences and advice from sixth grade girls
As one reviewer shared, “This book bestows all the wisdom you want to pour into your daughter's heart and mind in a fun, non-threatening way. Dread turns into confidence as you realize you have the tools to face those teenage years TOGETHER and have a ball doing it.” (Rachel Skinner, Mother of nine)

Purchase April 21, 2015 for only 99 cents!

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