Friday, May 15, 2015

Homecoming: Safe Haven

Homecoming: Safe Haven by Heather Justesen.

I haven't read the other novellas in this series. I say novella because it's less than 50 pages long. This translates to short read. A very fulfilling well crafted short read that will motivate you to want to pick up the rest of the series. It's easy to relate to the characters, though I've never been in the witness protection program, but Ms. Justesen does a fine job of finding those threads of life we all share: fear, love, desire to protect, etc and bringing them to life in her characters.

Nice to have a novella about a newly married couple and the challenges they face. There's many layers of emotion conveyed, but especially one of hope.

It was also nice to spend a moment in Juniper Ridge with a few familiar characters from her DiCarlo Brides series and meet a few of her cross over characters in Crystal Creek.

An enjoyable read.

When the US Marshall sends the newly-married Bo and Tosca into hiding in a little Montana town, they settle in for a safe, quiet life while they prepare for the court case against Tosca’s former boyfriend. Charles has other plans, though—he wants her dead before she can testify. And he’s found their safe haven.

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