Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The House at Rose Creek

This is my first read by Jenny Proctor.

It is a clean read with likable characters. The plot is believable and the writing is well done. Nice descriptions. The romance is a slow and steady build which fits well into the charm of the story. I especially like the exploration of Kate's ancestor's journal and researching her family tree. Kate faces many challenges and reacts to them in a way many of us would. Her emotional tangles could be anyone's.

My only beef is this: it is a Christian Inspirational book and the back cover does little to inform the reader that the main character spends a significant portion of the book developing her faith and discovering a new religion.

There is nothing wrong with this element at all. It is well told without being preachy. My issue is the omission of the element. Many readers specifically look for this type of book and won't find it the way it's promoted. They will miss a lovely story.

Deep in the rolling hills of North Carolina lay the idyllic town of Rose Creek. Home to the Walker clan for generations, the family farmhouse was the ideal place to grow up. And for Kate, orphaned at age six, the home her mother grew up in was a haven of healing and love. But as the future beckoned, Kate slowly pulled away from her family and her home, never to return. Until now. 
Beautiful career woman Kate Sinclair has built a successful life for herself, even as she’s haunted by the decisions that led to her estrangement from those once so dear to her. When tragedy strikes her family, Kate realizes the time has come to return home. Awaiting her is an animosity she expected, as well as a shock she never could have anticipated: her family’s home is in danger of being destroyed. 
Despite her reservations, Kate makes the decision to stay in Rose Creek for a time to help her family. As she slowly begins to reestablish her roots in the close-knit community, she finds herself increasingly attached to Andrew, a man with charm, charisma—and a secret.
And when Kate discovers the diary of an early family member who has immigrated to the United States, she finds strength in his belief in God as she explores her new relationship with Andrew and works to rebuild ties within her family. But when the pressures of the house problems and the disdain from family members gets too tough, the lure of the city calls, and Kate is forced to make an impossible decision: will she return to the life she worked so hard to build in the city or risk everything for an unknown future in Rose Creek?

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