Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Drawn into the Mist: Shooting Stars 2

Drawn into the Mist: Shooting Stars 2 by Phillip Carol  is on sale until Sept 20, and at only $.99 who would want to miss it? 

The Description:

After a battle with a small coven of vampires at the homecoming dance, Chuck Mc Williams is confident and prepared to use his newly found magical powers. 
However, Kelsey Llewellyn, Chuck's date from the dance and an undercover elfin vampire hunter, has disappeared back to faerie. The vampires marked her as their next acolyte and sapped her elfin defenses. Returning to the village of her birth she is protected while the elfin elders work to restore her powers. 
Chuck is confused and emotionally desolate. When the vampires make an attempt on his life he decides his only option is to go to faerie for help and his own protection. 
Doug, a vampire who owes Chuck a favor, agrees to send him to the land between the human world and faerie by magically drawing him into a painting of a castle. He warns Chuck that he has drawn other things into the picture which will both help and hinder his efforts. 
Adventure begins again for Chuck as he is drawn into the mist.

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Author Bio

I'm an old man and getting older.

When I was a kid, my twin brother and I used to spontaneously make up stories. We had bunk beds and he would be on the top bunk and I was on the lower at night we would make up these stories as we went to sleep. We each had our list of characters and did their voices and we would run them through anything we saw or heard that day that we that was unusual, cool or fun. I think that exercise was a major influence on my creativity.

When my first daughter was small we drove to Sacramento from our home at least three times a month. On our way back Lisa would ask me to tell her a story. Stories about her troll dolls and magpies were her favorite.

I've had a number of stories in my head that I have wanted to write for many years. After almost seven years of practice, I'm publishing some of them.

I like to write Young Adult novels the best because that time of life is so full of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm.

My face book author page is :
Philip Carroll, Author
With the launch of "Flypaper Boy: Coming of Age" I want a page that is easy for readers to get to...
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There is more about me, what I've written, and some free serialized stories I'm working on at www.norvaljoe.com

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