Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Last Bride

The Last Bride Book #6 in the DiCarlo Brides Series by Heather Tullis

Jonquil and Gage's story is full of suspenseful romance, and I'm not talking about the "Will they or won't they get together?" suspense. We've got some bullets flying, sabotage, and a couple lost marbles to make the story interesting. 'Cause what's love if there isn't mortal danger involved?

The Last Bride closely follows its predecessors in tone and theme. Those who have read the rest of the series won't be disappointed.


When Gage learned that George DiCarlo thought he would make a great match for his youngest daughter, Gage was not interested. Not even if she was beautiful, talented, kicked butt on hiking trails and could challenge even his love of skiing. 

When Jonquil’s learns about it a year later, her reaction is exactly the opposite. After watching the rest of her sisters fall in love with the men her father hoped they would connect with, she is curious about the one he had planned for her. But Gage is not making it easy and plenty of problems stand between them—her half-sister, Angela, from her family back in Philadelphia seems determined to keep her on her toes and threats against Gage’s family keep them guessing all the way. 

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