Thursday, June 9, 2016

Chronicles of the Half-Emrys Book #3 Master of Time

This is the perfect ending to the excellent high fantasy trilogy by Lisa Rector.

She knows her world, her characters, their motivations, and how to deliver description and emotion to a masterful degree. I cannot give enough high praise for this set of books.

The characters flaws and hearts are revealed layer by layer drawing you to them and through the storyline. I equally rooted for Meuric and Catrin. Not to mention how much I wanted them to be together by the end!

Look for fun side characters and humorous moments to break up the tension.

All loose ends are tied in a pleasing way. No spoilers here.

I loathe when authors don't take the time to wrap up properly! It makes me want to throw the book at the wall!

At the conclusion of this novel, I wanted to start the series over again!


Time is only one enemy. 

A malicious shadow trails Catrin and Meuric after they find themselves shoved backwards through time. As a wielder of darkness, only Meuric knows the enormity of the evil that wants to claim Catrin, a pure Daughter of Light. Though they are two immortal enemies thrown together, Meuric and Catrin band together, searching for the way home. 

As time forces Meuric to relive a tortured past and face his fears, Catrin’s health rapidly declines from a prior injury. Meuric confronts reality—his long-ignored light could save her but using it will diminish his dark power, hindering his ability to pass through the ether to their own time. Returning home has just become the least of his problems . . . if there’s a way home at all. 

Master of Time, a paranormal romantic fantasy, is the third book in the Chronicles of the Half-Emrys. This novel is best enjoyed after reading the second book because it picks up with Meuric's story-line, right before the final conflict in book two, The Two Masters.

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