Thursday, August 18, 2016

Men Like This

Men Like This (The Long Shot Romance) by [Smith, Roxanne]

Men Like This is my first read by Roxanne Smith.

The premise is pretty entertaining. Horror writer meets famous Brit actor and how their paths recross throwing them in an unusual situation of faking a relationship, which of course leads to blurred lines and deep feelings.

The story is well crafted with strong emotional arcs for the characters. Side characters are well developed. Pacing is quick, moving the story and relationship along. Characters have the right balance of flaws and redeemable qualities to make the story believeable.

It has an edgy witty vibe.
Fair warning, the characters have off page sex, where it belongs IMO. Passionate kissing.

The cover is an excellent representation of the book.


Can she trust a man who pretends for a living?

Horror author Quinn Buzzly knows all about the dark side, but when she meets actor Jack Decker, she’s moved to explore something completely different—at least on paper. With his sexy good looks, intriguing manner, and charming Irish-tinged English accent, Jack is the perfect model for her next hero. Quinn decides to spend one year in London writing a historical romance inspired by him. Until real life butts in…

Jack’s jealous ex-fiancĂ©e sparks a media storm when she accuses him and Quinn of having an affair. But Jack knows how to play this game. At his insistence, Quinn agrees to go along with the faux romance until the chatter subsides. Then they’ll stage a quiet breakup and go their separate ways. Yet Jack is a shameless—and irresistibly convincing—flirt, and Quinn has to remind herself it’s an act. Or is it? If Jack means business, he’ll have to find the words to convince a wordsmith that their love is the real thing…

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