Thursday, April 19, 2018

Seeking Mr. Perfect

Seeking Mr. Perfect (The Jane Austen Pact) by [Youngblood, Jennifer]

I enjoyed this book. Ms. Youngblood does an excellent job of giving the inner workings of her characters depth and authenticity. Both Sierra and Dalton are well fleshed out and strong in their thoughts, opinions, and actions. The side characters all have unique personalities and motivations. The only who comes off a bit shallow and without development across the story is Parker. Perhaps he will get his own story where we can see more growth from him. 

There is plenty for Sierra, Dalton, and others to sort out based on past decisions. A wonderful tangle to unweave one page at a time. Plus I enjoy all the theater references. 

The cover doesn't do the story justice. 

Definitely a clean and wholesome read with believablility. 

Broken trust, broken hearts, and a twist of fate that could change everything.

Sierra McCain has her life figured out with a fabulous job in New York City and a perfect boyfriend who is the modern-day equivalent of Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy. The type of guy Sierra always wanted to find. 

Then, a frantic call from an old friend sends her rushing back to South Carolina where she comes face to face with the very guy she's spent the past seven years trying to forget--Dalton Chandler whose slow, Southern smile unleashes an army of butterflies in her stomach and sends her heart into flips. Under no circumstance can she fall for him again, and she certainly can't tell him her long-kept secret.

Caught between two worlds and two very different men, Sierra must decide which love she'll choose--Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right.

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