Thursday, August 9, 2018

Marrying a Billionaire

Marrying a Billionaire (A Fake Marriage Series Book 3) by [Meyer, Anne-Marie]

Book 3 and the series is still going strong.

I really enjoyed the interactions and misunderstandings between the MC's from two different worlds. Lots of great secondary characters, plus a jerk ex-husband round out the story. Nice emotional tugs. My only skeptical sticking point was how far along the heroine was in her pregnancy and still being able to hide it, esp. with the outfits she wore. Not a deal breaker though.

As always, Ms. Meyer tells a well constructed tale with heart.


Lillian Brunette is desperate for a job. Six months pregnant and recently divorced, she needs health insurance and an income if she’s ever going to be able to take care of herself and the baby—if what happened to her first pregnancy happens again. So when her best friend tells her that the billionaire bachelor is looking for an assistant, she jumps at the opportunity to interview.

Reed Williamson is trying to get over his broken heart. When he finds out that his fiancĂ©e ended up pregnant with his half-brother’s baby, he’s written off all relationships. Which he was doing a good job at until he finds out that in order to inherit his family’s investment company, he has to be married. Out of desperation, Reed’s mom puts in a call to an elite matchmaking agency to find him a contract wife. At least with that, there’s no chance of falling in love.

After an episode of mistaken identity, Lillian finds herself contractually obligated to marry Reed. Which is the ideal relationship for her. Faking a marriage seems easy, until she finds out that Reed is kind and incredibly handsome. And just might be what she wants in a family. If only he could accept the secret she's so desperate to hide.

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