Thursday, December 27, 2018

Marrying a Spy

Marrying a Spy (A Fake Marriage Series Book 5) by [Meyer, Anne-Marie]

Lots of emotional struggle in this book. The characters are so conflicted they can hardly see straight. Talk about baggage!

And yet, the characters were relateable and the reader could emote along with them.

Well told, clean, and with an element of suspense. We are talking about crime lords here.

I fine wrap up to the series.


She's protecting her heart. He's protecting her. Their old feelings weren't supposed to reignite.

Sophia feels as if she's finally been able to put her past behind her. Her father left, Noah left, and her mother and brother passed away from a suspicious car accident ten years ago. Even though she is an orphan, she has her town and her perfectly predictable life as a dentist to keep her company. That is, until Noah shows up with secrets of his own.

Noah's back after leaving Sophia and the suffocating small town. Even though he joined the military, became a pararescueman, and was recruited by the CIA, nothing seemed to blot out the memory of the only woman he's ever loved, Sophia. When his boss proposes the plan of a fake marriage to snuff out Sophia's father, he jumps at the opportunity. After all, he would only trust the job of her safety to himself—even if he is pretty sure his heart is in jeopardy of breaking. 

Old feelings bubble to the surface and Sophia and Noah struggle to interpret each others actions as the lines between acting and truth become blurred. Just when they decide to be honest with each other, Sophia's father shows up and informs them, they've been compromised. Now both must decide if loving each other is worth the risks.

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