Thursday, July 4, 2019

Love at Lakewood Med

Love at Lakewood Med by [Amberson, TJ]
One of my pet peeves about reading medical romances is when the author gets the details wrong. I'm so happy Ms. Amberson got them right.

This book is more of a coming of age story with a romantic thread than a die hard romance IMO. The writing is good, the characters well shaped and relateable, and there's good description.

A good clean read with a satisfying ending.

I'd love a bonus chapter from Wes's point of view.

The publisher let a few typos through.


Savannah Drake would be thrilled about starting her final year of medical school if it weren’t for one thing: she has to spend a month working in the emergency room with cold, aloof Dr. Wesley Kent as her mentor. When her first day in the ER proves to be a humiliating disaster, Savannah is ready to swear off emergency medicine forever. Gradually, though, she finds that the unpredictable, emotional experience of caring for patients in the emergency room is affecting her far differently than she expected—and Dr. Kent turns out to be anything but the arrogant attending physician that she assumed him to be. But just when Savannah finally admits to herself that she is falling for Dr. Kent, she learns that things at the hospital are not all what they seem. Faced with a seemingly impossible choice, Savannah must decide between her future career and everything that she has come to care so much about.

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