Thursday, October 7, 2021

Running to You

If you're looking for a clean romance, then Ms. Spencer's book will serve you well. 

The HEA I expected. The timeline wasn't what I thought it would be, but as I don't want to give away spoilers, I won't elaborate. 

This is a YA/NA age book with likeable characters, a lovely setting (who doesn't love a B&B?), and a few sweet kisses. 
There is mention of sex but none happens on page. 

Sammy didn’t expect Brandon to look twice. But Brandon didn’t count on Sammy running off with his heart.

First love can be bittersweet in this touching teen romance. Sammy had her sights set on track state finals and never paid much attention to the college guys who came to help her mom run their bed-and-breakfast. But that was before Brandon. He was young and strong and not that much older than Sammy.

Brandon took the job to help pay for college. It sounded easy: live in the apartment above the garage, be the handyman and groundskeeper, and run off to the dorms in the fall. He didn’t count on finding a family. He didn’t count on Sammy running away with his heart.

When tragedy strikes, Brandon has to make a choice. Be the big brother Sammy so desperately needs, or admit his feelings run much deeper.

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