Thursday, November 18, 2021

Romance Your Brand: Building a Marketable Genre Fiction Series

There are many books to choose from on this topic. I picked up this one at a discount to try it out. 

I was pleased to find there was plenty of good advice and even homework to do. Much of the homework is downloadable at her site. 

The idea I liked the most was to take or leave her advice and tactics because writing is not a one-size-fits-all business. I was welcome to take the cafeteria approach. 

Well worth the read and I'm already applying tactics for my next series. 


For the first time ever in print, Zoe York breaks down how she plans a series—something she has done ten times over.
Romance Your Brand is an adaptation of an intensive four-week course, now available to authors everywhere.

This book covers:

•high-concept pitches

•taglines and blurbs

•world building and casts of characters

•writing the first book in a series

•finding comparable series and covers

•how to write towards future marketing

•and why ALL OF THE ABOVE should be considered before you write a single word

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