Saturday, December 4, 2021

Holly & Mistletoe is HERE!

I'm so excited to give Cobalt his story and to share it with you. It's the perfect holiday read because it can be read in about an hour so you can escape the holiday madness, take a breather, then plunge back in. Enjoy!

Her voice is his siren song. He’s a distraction she didn’t plan for. When these two country singers meet under the mistletoe, sparks fly at the Fantasy Music Festival.

When a petite blonde with a powerhouse voice catches Cobalt’s ear, a crushing desire to wrap Holly Fields in his arms kicks in. Both his band mates found love at the festival, but falling so easily for Holly seems too good to be true. And he’s been burned before. 

Holly is both awed and terrified to be performing with so many talented big names. She’s a small fish in the big pond of music. A relationship with Cobalt could become a huge distraction and derail her budding career, or perhaps their association is just the opportunity she needs for success.

When the festival ends, will their blossoming love fade like dried up mistletoe or endure like evergreen holly?

A holiday short story that can be read in an hour or less.

Fantasy Music Festival Series:
Hart & Soul
A Song in Every Kiss
Electric Heartstrings

Holiday Edition:
Heart of Joy
Under Snowflakes and Stars
Holly & Mistletoe

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