Thursday, February 3, 2022

Her Cowboy Hero

Ms. Clopton has picked a few fun tropes for her story: cowboys, forbidden romance, second chance romance, a little suspense. If you enjoy those elements, you'll have a great time reading this book. 

The characters are well-developed and the pacing is smooth. I few more inner dialogues on the reasons why they can't be together for my taste were the only interruptions to the story. 

A good read anytime. Clean. Only kissing. 


Rodeo bronc supplier Lori Calhoun has struggled to live up to expectations after her father’s sudden death. When a trailer load of her star broncs disappears, the Knight Agency steps in to investigate.

Foreman of the Calhoun Ranch, Trip Jensen has watched Lori struggle to keep up with the demands of the ranch and the rodeo stock. He’s always admired her and loved her—but he’s kept that to himself. She was the boss’s daughter and is now the boss…off-limits for a cowboy like him. When more stock begins to disappear from the ranch, they must work together to solve the mystery. Unable to know who on the ranch to trust Trip enlist the Presley brothers from the neighboring ranch to back him up.

Lori has always admired Trip but he made it clear years ago that he wasn't interested in her as more than a friend. Now, he sticking close and she’s finding it hard to concentrate on the danger and not the man.

Can love blossom between them before time runs out?

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