Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Women of Ambrose Estate Box Set

This is a fabulous box set of this series. All four books included. 

I think my only complaint was that I wanted to see all of the sisters love stories. I hope they'll get added on. 

Great storytelling and all the feels by these two talented authors. 


Generations of secrets and an ancient curse keep the sisters of Ambrose Estate from following their hearts.

Join each heir of the Ambrose family as they work to overcome their dark legacy and break the deadly curse that threatens any happiness for their futures.

MOSTLY DANGEROUS Sofia Ambrose might be falling in love with Gavin Spencer while they work together on saving the estate’s oil well, but an old family curse discovered in a long-lost journal from a hundred years ago stands like a burning fire between them and true love.

MOSTLY PERFECT Lauren Ambrose knows that millionaire investor Nick Matthews might be perfect for her, but money has no power over the curse that haunts her every relationship.

MOSTLY RISKY When Amelia Ambrose accepts that co-worker Grigg Edison is the man she wants in her life, it’s a whole other matter to risk that love against a curse that’s more powerful than both of them.

MOSTLY PERILOUS Emma Ambrose didn’t plan on falling for the local county coroner, and if Ian Phelps should know anything, it’s to stay away from a family with empty graves and centuries of secrets. But together can they finally find the hidden secrets to break the Ambrose curse once and for all?

If you like enchanting romance, intriguing legacies, and moody mysteries, then you’ll adore these smoldering love stories.

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