Thursday, September 14, 2023

How to Write a Series

Sara Rossett delivers a straightforward book on how to write a series and does it with style and in a fun way. This isn't like reading a textbook. 

She gives you the pros and cons of the options and lets the author decide what's best for them and their readers. It really comes down to the readers' expectations and how the author sets themselves up for success to meet them. 

An excellent resource for authors. 


Struggling to structure your book series? Learn how to make a series work for you: increase reader engagement and take advantage of the built-in marketing potential a series gives you.

Are you unsure which series structure is best for you? Or are you several books into a series, but you’re stuck? Do you want to expand your literary universe but aren’t sure how to do it? Perhaps you have a series languishing in your backlist, and you need ideas on how to market it.

Get the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about your series with How to Write a Series.

You’ll learn:

    • The three basic types of series

    • The benefits and drawbacks of writing each type of series

    • Tips for extending your series beyond your original plan

    • Ideas for creating spinoffs and expanding your literary universe

    • How to know when it’s time to end a series

    • How to save time writing your series and how to keep track of details

    • How to deal with the problems that result from being locked into a story world

    • How to refresh your interest in a series if you’ve grown bored

    • Creative ways to market your series

    I’ve been writing for fifteen years as both a hybrid and independent author. I’ve published over twenty-five fiction books in four different series. Everything I’ve learned about writing a series has been through trial and error. I hope my lessons-learned will give you a shortcut when it comes to writing your series plus tips for troubleshooting problems and ideas for promoting your series.

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