Friday, October 27, 2023

Love & Other Crazy Plans

Overall, I'm a fan of Ms. Tuttle. 

This story has all the right elements for a clean and wholesome romance, so you won't find any shenanigans here. 

The characters motivations are pure, and both have pasts and present issues they're working through as they grow closer. 

But I was missing chemistry between the hero and heroine. They liked each other but then when he got bold about it midway through they broke things off? I got a bit confused there. 

For some reason although all the elements were there, the story just didn't quite come together for me. 

That being said, you shouldn't skip out on this novel. It might hit just right for you. 


He’s running away from a tragedy to start over. She’s trying to overcome her past in a small town with a long memory.

Adelle Reagen grew up in Hawk’s Point, Maine. She loves the beauty and history of the small coastal town, but can’t seem to outgrow the reputation left over from her parents. As an event planner, she works with everyone in town to create happiness and fond memories for her clients. After meeting Kade, she starts to wonder if she found a love to last a lifetime.

Kade Nance’s heart broke a year ago in an accident that claimed his fianc√©’s life despite his effort. After selling his construction company, he moves across the country to start over. He never thought it possible to love again, but Adelle’s beauty captured his attention and her kindness is healing his heart.

Will her secret destroy their chance at a happily ever after?

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