Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was a wife putting her husband through pediatric residency, while raising two kids and no way to pursue community theater with such a nutty schedule to live with. What to do for a creative outlet? Then, she was invited to join a writers group. Gasp! She had not written before, it might be a total fiasco. She might not have a talent for it. She asked for total honesty when she brought her first chapter to share, and -- it was well received! Creative outlet found. Fast forward to 2 1/2 years later. Fallen Angel was written, edited with red ink til it bled and then edited again. Soon it will be complete and ready for test readers. Oh, and the first chapter took 3rd place in Womens Romance at the LDStorymakers 2011 conference. As did the first chapter for Banished in SciFi. Now two more first chapters are submitted for the LDStorymakers 2012 conference. Will they be winners? We'll see. But, regardless, they were a ton of fun to write!  And that is what the point of the writing is, to have fun! And now it is time to take writing to the next level by entering the world of blogging. May the words be with us!

What is your creative outlet?


  1. I want to be a test reader! I just know I'd be a darling at it :)

  2. Welcome to blog land at long, long last!