Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love for LDStorymakers Conference 2012

So, last year was my first time to attend the LDStorymakers Conference and is was AMAZING! I learned so much and I am still using the knowledge I gained there. If you are an author or like me an aspiring author, it is a great opportunity. Don't let it pass you by. Here are a few ways to check it out.

This is the official site.
This is the blog.You can also check out the book trailers and find a good book to read here.

You can also become a fan on Facebook at LDStorymakers Conference Page.

Go. Do. Show some love. Share the love. Get excited.

Now, who is coming to LDStorymakers 2012?

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  1. Last year was my first time at the writer's conference and I thought it was so helpful. I'm signed up to go this year. I hope to see you there Lisa!