Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let's Go to the Movies . . . at Home

Okay, since I lost my beloved AMC in Olathe and have to deal with astronomical East coast prices, I do not go out to the movies much anymore unless they are really super awesome. So I catch my movies on DVD, Redbox or Netflix these days. Here a few quick movie reviews of what I've seen lately:

Cowboys Vs. Aliens
The title says it all. Still cannot wrap my head around how you get some big names like Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig & Olivia Wilde to sign on (not to mention a few smaller ones you'll recognize like Sam Rockwell) to do such a predictable film, but it is an enjoyable way to pass an evening. Adults only viewage.

This is no Field of Dreams, but well done. A story that needed telling, esp. for those of us that don't keep up with major sports. I had no idea that all this happened. It is a slow film in which you watch Brad Pitt eat (yes, just like in Oceans 11) and throw stuff. Sure hope Billy Bean gets the ring. Pop the corn for this one. Adults only viewage

I did not read the book, but a big Wow for the movie. I kept wondering why it was up for 11 Oscars and other numerous awards. Now I understand. I give major props to the kid who played Hugo (he honed some of those skills in Nanny McPhee 2) and to the cinematographer and set design. My biggest hats off to the poor soul who had to build the automaton. Family viewage rating. Even my four year old made it all the way through.

This one is funny on the first view but less so on the second. Even my kids laughed less. Fun to try and guess who all the voices are. Worth a Netflix. Family rating.

You Again
This is a feel good comedy. Not a romantic comedy. It goes along the lines of Never Been Kissed in that you will cringe at Kristen Bell in the high school scenes. Great cast! Have ice cream on hand. Chick Flick rating (For future reference this rating means do not attempt to make your hubby watch this with you or be prepared to suffer the consequences after).

What movies have you watched lately?

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  1. U may already know this but there is a cheap theatre...formerly known as the dollar theatre..but u know...considering the economy its gone up to around 3.oo....anyway....its a good holiday cinemas frederick md...u can also rent out a party room for bdays for around 30.00 its a great room and u can bring ALL ur own food ....oh and saturday morning they do a 1.00 kids movie