Friday, April 27, 2012

Loving the Shape you Have

I had a requested topic this week. How do I maintain my figure? (Ironically, this comes at a time when I cannot workout due to a pulled muscle in my back & notice I said, figure, not weight. They are not the same.)

My mantra: I only get one body in this life and it's my job to take care of it.
Ok, so first off, I am blessed by some genetics. Genetics are not something you can get rid of, but that doesn't mean you can't work with them. Some of us are built slim, in keeping with the current trend of slim is in. However, I'd be an outcast back in Bottecelli's time, for not having a lucious curvy figure. (Google his art if you need clarification.)

Now, just because I have some nice genes doesn't mean I'm off the hook when it comes to my health. I work out to maintain my look, but more importantly because it is good for my body: my heart, my lungs, my back (if I don't stretch for 5 minutes at the beginning of everyday, then I am in for a day of discomfort - I have a really long spine), my muscles. You get the idea.

I do not have the luxury of  a gym membership and really for me, don't see the point. I'm not a gym kind of girl, it's not a motivator for me. The mirror and wanting to be able to keep up with my kids are my motivators. I'd rather work out at home and with what's at hand. I like to walk, esp. when it's good weather. If not, I am in possession of  a treadmill and a stationary bike. (A good tv show or book I'm reading keep these from being boring)

I do Cardio 3 times a week for 20-25 min. (My preschooler doesn't have the attention span for longer and I don't have the time as a busy mom.)

Find a cardio that is a good fit for you. I have a dance background, so I like dvd's that incorporate that aspect. Mix it up and try new dvd's from the library or swap with friends. Boredom is the killer of motivation to work out. You gotta keep it fresh and interesting for both your mind and you muscles.
I also like Tae Bo and even a good old fashioned Jane Fonda once in a while.

Getting out with your kids is a great way to get in some exercise. Baseball in the yard, basketball on the court, roller skating when they are biking, badmitton, whatever.

Also, don't knock cleaning your house. Pushing a vaccuum and mop use big muscles.

Two days a week I do core strength/stretch/weights for 20-25 min.

Focus on your core. This means back and abs. This is what holds your body up. When those are weak everything else is harder. I like Pilates for this. Yoga is also good too.(Please note I am not pushing a six pack on any one. Personally I don't like them and they take way too much effort. So long as I feel comfortable in my swim suit come summer, I'm good.) 

For me, I focus on weight bearing exercise since I am high risk for osteoparosis.

I love food, but I try to keep all things in moderation. Remember to eat your fruits and veggies, meat sparingly, whole grains and dairy. And if you want that scoop of ice cream or bite of chocolate eat it. Just remember to fit in the other things first. (Think the Word of Wisdom)

If the not so good for you foods lurking in your house are too much temptation, get rid of them and replace them with better things. I love something good late at night, but lately instead of reaching for the ice cream I go for a bit of hummus and pita chips, or some fruit or yogurt followed by a square of chocolate to cure the craving.

Rest is also important too. Know whether you are a 7, 8 or 9 hour a night person.  Make it happen everyday. Lack of sleep also kills the workout. Get up and get going early. (For me 7 am is my get up and go time.)

Do your workout when it works best for you. Mine has to happen in the morning or it doesn't happen at all.

If you want specific dvd's I love, ask me.

How do you like to work out? What's your fave way to keep you body healthy?


  1. So far, yoga is the only exercise I like:) Everything else is drudgery. I do half-like my body pump class at the gym though. I HAVE to have workout partners for it though or I'm too weak to show up every week:) You are a rock star Lisa! Can't wait to read your book!

  2. I'm in a work out sludge right now. I had a gym membership and worked out with a personal trainer for two years - with no weight loss results. It was frustrating. Although, I will admit that while I didn't lose weight, I definitely toned up my curvy figure. I can tell the difference now that it's been a year with no gym workouts. I try walking, but don't do it consistently enough. I'm also the kind of person that if I don't get my exercise in during the morning before I'm showered for the day, then it never happens. The problem with that is the morning is my most productive time of day to write. Mega conflict there. My goal is to get a new routine figured out in May. We'll see if I make it. =)

  3. Neat post! You are amazing. You remind me that I need to get back to weights. I play basketball twice a week with a group of moms (LOVE IT!!!) but no weights in sight. Must do better!

    Inklings @

  4. Currently my workout is painting over all that TR color--yup, all of it. I am getting a MAJOR shoulder & arm workout, not to mention legs.

  5. This was an awesome post! You totally inspired me to be better at exercising regularly. (And to make sure enough sleep happens, too!)