Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Avengers, Thor & Captain America

I had the great fortune to see The Avengers on opening weekend. It was highly entertaining, graphically up to par and very witty (Thank you Iron Man). I give great props to Joss Weedon (the director) for having put together a smashing film and especially for the lab scene where you have the majority of the big name celebrities in one room. So much ego to keep in check and work together. Always happy to see Scar Jo and the actor who plays SHEILD's ambassador. Be prepared to laugh. This is one that should be seen on the big screen. Many others can be viewed on your awesome HD screen with surround sound at home, which is what we do most of the time. It's just too expensive to go out to see a movie. Between the price of the movie and the sitter, we can buy two copies of the movie! So, we often save the money, wait a few months and then buy the movie or check it out on Redbox. I'm a big fan of Redbox.

So, then I had to back track and see Thor. We own both of the Iron Man movies. Can't wait for a third. There is going to be a third right? I wasn't sure what to expect from Thor. He didn't make the biggest impression on me in The Avengers. It was well worth the Redbox to watch it and understand his character and how he tied into everything. And how come in all the previews they never once showed Natalie Portman or Anthony Hopkins (at least not that I remember)? I like Thor's character much better now. A well thought out storyline, excellent graphics, and strong acting. British accents are always welcome in my world. Definitely some surprises and too many unanswered questions! I like loose ends to be nicely tied up when a movie finishes. The biggest surprise was the director - Kenneth Branaugh! It's been quite some time since he's directed (too long in my book) and this was not like his typical stuff (Shakespeare) but certainly up to his usual standard so well done Mr. Branaugh. See this one on Redbox or Netflix for a fun watch.

Last comes Captain America, or should I say first. (Technically I think the Hulk in 2008 with Ed Norton is first, but I don't think the studio had planned out The Avengers series movies then, because he does not reprise his role in Avengers. We have a different actor for Hulk there.) Anyways, I watched this the night after Thor and it's a toss up as to which I like better. I was quite happy to see Chris Evans don another super hero uniform (Fantastic Four - Human Torch). Although I think the first half of the movie his body is CG'd to a near concentration camp like status, especially considering that once he transforms he'd a head and a half taller and completely ripped. Since this film and Fan 4 are the only ones I've seen him in, this one gave him the opportunity to show more depth as an actor. I think that's why these films as a collection work, because even though they're superheroes we get to know them individually and see their vulnerabilities. A bit skeptical at all the historical 'facts' shown in this film. There are some awfully advanced planes and weaponry for WWII. I have long been a fan of Hugo Weaving and Stanley Tucci and was delighted to see both in this film. Hope to see the heroine back in something else. A worthy watch.

Which of the Avengers do you like most? Iron Man? Hulk? Captain America? Black Widow? Thor? Or someone else entirely?

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