Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things Hoped For by Emily Gray Clawson

Ms. Clawson has a new book coming out and I'm always up for helping a fellow writer give a shout out when they announce a new book! Best wishes Emily! Many YW and their families will be grateful!


Here is the back cover copy:
16 year old Fran Jensen has been a member of the LDS Church all her life. But her faith is deeply shaken when she loses her best friend, her sister Anna, to a horrible accident. Suddenly everything that she has always believed isn’t so easy anymore. Her faith is rocky, at best, and her relationship with her family starts to crumble. Only her friendship with Seth, a handsome young sculptor, offers her refuge from the pain that surrounds her. But Seth has his own tragedy to deal with. He has his own secrets and his own questions. As he begins his quest for answers, Fran wonders if their friendship will survive through their changing attitudes toward faith. When Seth’s awful secret is revealed, Fran suddenly finds herself without an anchor. She has to decide to find out once and for all what she believes or risk losing everything . . . and everyone that matters to her.
Anyone else need a shout out?

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  1. Thanks for the post! I didn't see this until today. Only four more days!!!