Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Got My Vote Winners!

I want to thank all of you who supported me by voting for Fallen Angel during the So You Think You Can Write Contest by Harlequin. Tomorrow is the last day for them to notify the top 25 and the additional 3 wild card spots. So, fingers crossed, but if not, then don't despair. I noticed that once the entire contest ends in Nov/Dec they will be contacting contestants who's manuscripts looked promising but didn't progress in the contest, so there is always that hope, and many more agents and publishers in the world.

But what you want to know is WHO WON? And WHAT did they win?

I had three finalists:

Danyelle Ferguson
Alison Love
Jenny Wirt

Each of their first names will be making appearances as characters in my third novel: Ring on Her Finger and will get credit in the acknowledgements.

How cool is that?

(Personally I think it's cool to be written as a character in a book, but...if you think it's lame, please give me ideas of what you think would be better for my next contest and leave them in the comments below. Thanks.)

THANKS!!! No writer does this alone and I appreciate all of your support!


  1. Being mentioned in the acknowledgements sounds fun! I hate to stick you with such a common name for a character :)