Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Faves

So everyone has their own version of It Can't Be Christmas Without . . . This Is  A Christmas Must . . . We Can't Break This Christmas Tradition . . .

I think you get the idea.

So, here's my list of things I love at Christmas time.

It's a Wonderful Life
Home Alone (only the first one, the rest were subpar to say the least)
A Christmas Story
Polar Express
Santa Clause 1 & 2 (but not 3, again subpar)
The Grinch (any version)
A Christmas Carol (any version, from Mickey Mouse to George C. Scott and in between)
Arthur Christmas (I waited a whole year to be able to buy and watch this one again!)
Holiday in Handcuffs (don't judge)
The Holiday
The Family Stone
The Preachers Wife
 (obviously this isn't a fully comprehensive list, but you get the idea)

A Christmas Carol (I read this one every year!)
Skipping Christmas (the book is much funnier than the movie version: Christmas w/the Kranks)
The Christmas Blessing (I'd like to read Christmas Shoes someday)
The Christmas Box
Christmas Jars
Our own family compilation of short stories we read starting Dec.1. A story every night. FHE from Dec1 through Dec.24. Awesome. Wish I had that all year.

John Denver & The Muppets
Christmas w/the Chipmunks
Mannheim Steamroller (all of them)
Mo Tab's Silent Night
The Muppet Christmas Carol

To Do
Decorate sugar cookies
Bake cookies and give them to neighbors and teachers
Light and decorate the tree
Lights in downtown DC
Christmas cards
Lights at the temple
Family nativity and talent show

There is much to celebrate and be grateful for this time of year. Please remember why we do all this: because the Son of God was born. It would still be Christmas without all the trimmings and trappings at my house just for that reason and that is what I try to focus on during all the crazy.

What are some of your favorites during the holidays?

Polar Express
Mariah Carey
Handel's Messiah


  1. Fun list. Had to checkout the trailer for Holiday in Handcuffs. lol

    One of my favorites is The Forgotten Carols.

  2. LOL I just watched the trailer for Holiday in Handcuffs, too! I love driving around and looking at lights, cleaning and decorating the house, baking day (it was today!), reading cards and letters from friends, singing Christmas carols in church and at home and in the car and at the mall, making fudge and pumpkin rolls, shopping and wrapping gifts, seeing friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa!! Just had to let you know I received the book. Thank You sooo much!! xoxo
      Merry Christmas!!

  3. just trying to figure out if captcha is on or off