Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catch up on DVD's - MIB3, The Dark Knight Rises, & The Aviator

Did she just list The Aviator?

Yes, really. I hadn't seen it and my husband sat me down one night to watch it. Thus my three hour education on Howard Hughes commenced. Wow. No really, Wow. Talk about someone who lived life big and took risks and innovated/invented. But then had real self issues like some serious OCD and inability to maintain meaningful personal relationships. Had to do some looking up afterwards to find out what happened after the movie ended because he isn't old at the end. He was actually married twice and ended up living all over the world. It was interesting to wonder how his life may've been different if he'd lived when medication for OCD was available.

As for the acting, we all know DiCaprio can be the hero, the villain and the mentally shifted person from past films, but this one is pretty awesome. I also enjoyed Cate Blanchett and the total surprise appearance of Alan Alda. Not to mention the cinematography, the sets, etc.

In short: I'd see it once for education's sake. Not sure I'll ever look at a glass milk bottle the same way though.

This one might be my favorite of the MIB films currently it's still the first one. I'd need to watch it a few more times to be sure though. I'm always willing to watch Will Smith, esp. when aliens are involved. And while I never would've thought a successful franchise would be built on him and Tommy Lee Jones, they so work well together. This was my first exposure to Josh Brolin and he totally nailed it. It's uncanny how well he played a younger version of Jones' character.

Then there's the whole time travel and the chicken and the egg dilemma that goes with it. Wow.

Summary: A fun watch multiple times.

The Dark Knight Rises
Ok, I had serious reservations about this one. I've seen the first two and we own both, but I haven't been able to go back and rewatch The Dark Knight because, well, its just so dark! And I really didn't want to go through that feeling again with the third one. But, with reassurances from several family members, including my 12 year old nephew, that this one was lighter, I sat down and watched it.

Good thing my nephew tells the truth or he could've kissed his thirteenth birthday present goodbye.

This one was much lighter. Thank you! You still get the action, the angst, the twist, the world about to end, etc. but there's this thread of hope that runs through it. And I loved the end! No spoiler here. Just watch it.

As for the acting, I've been a fan of  Christian Bale since Henry V. Yes, really you need to go back that far and I can always count on him to give a committed performance. I adore Anne Hathaway. Loved her heels! Loved that she got to fight! Sorry she had to lose all that muscle to do Les Mis. What a yo-yo year for her body. Lovely, Michael Caine gives some of the most gut wrenching tear jerking performances of everyone in this film. Oh, and I loved that they brought back the Scarecrow as the judge. Awesome. Wish he would do more films.

Verdict: I will probably watch this one more than the other two and certainly more than the second one.

So, what movies have you been catching up on lately? What should be next on my 'to watch on DVD/BluRay list'?

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