Friday, February 8, 2013

From Notting Hill With Love . . . Actually

From Notting Hill With Love . . . Actually by Ali McNamara

She was a girl, standing in front of a boy...

Movie fanatic Scarlett O'Brien dreams of a life as glamorous and romantic as all the big screen flicks she worships. When a chance house-sitting job in iconic Notting Hill comes along, she knows living in one of her favorite movie settings is an opportunity too good to pass up.

Leaving behind her skeptical friends, family, and fiance, Scarlett heads to London and finds herself thrust into the lead role of her very own romantic comedy. But can real life ever be just like the movies? Larger-than-life new friends, a handsome but irksome new neighbor, and a mystery from her past may prove to Scarlett that living her life like a RomCom is more complicated than she thought!

That's the blurb on the back that easily persuaded me to download and read this Free Friday book at B & N. And it doesn't disappoint!

I started laughing a few pages in, mostly because I totally get Scarlett. She's a movie fanatic and I have a healthy love of the movies as well. I loved all the movie references throughout the book and her attempts to recreate movie scenes throughout the novel. The author did a great job weaving Scarlett's fantasies into her real life without making the reader guess which one we were in - the fantasy and reality. I loved how she kept me guessing until the end which one of the men in Scarlett's life she was going to end up with at the end, although I was secretly hoping it was Sean ever step of the way. But, no spoilers here. You'll have to read it to find out!

Also, I loved that it's set in London and presumably written by a Brit. The language they use is half the fun!

This is a clean romance. (Sigh of relief! You never know with a free book.) No uncomfortable love scenes or language in this one, so grab a copy and get reading! You should note there's a map of Notting Hill in the back of the book to help you follow along and some fun stuff after the story ends.  It's witty, fun and a page turning read.

Here's the link to Amazon.

I'll be reading this one again! And looking forward to down loading her other books as well.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find a copy of Notting Hill to watch!

Do you have a good RomCom book to recommend?

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  1. I'm totally downloading this to my Nook today! Thanks!