Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Halloween in February: Hotel Transylvania & Frankenweenie

New on Blu: Hotel Transylvania & Frankenweenie

We had a Halloween themed weekend and here are my reviews.

Hotel Transyslvania:
A cute watch. The monsters didn't scare my four year old, like I'd been concerned about. He took them as par for the course in a film about a hotel for monsters. Easy predictable storyline and not as Sandler as other Adam Sandler movies go, although there is the token ukulele song at the beginning. The story is focused on the father daughter relationship and how that has to change as the daughter enters the age of independence and adulthood and her first romance with (gasp) a human! There were two scenes that got good parental laughs from my hubby and I. A cute watch with your kids but not one you have to own. Just RedBox it.

This one we didn't watch with our kids. And it only gets half a review because I only watched half the movie. I fell asleep on and off. The black and white didn't bother me, but I was sleep deprived and coming close to getting a cold, thus the lack of attention. Plus, if you own the deluxe version of The Nightmare Before Christmas, it has the live action short of Frankenweenie Tim Burton did years ago. This movie has been a project of his since he was a kid. So, while a few of the elements changed, the basic storyline was the same. They brought back several of the original characters to be the voices, which I liked, but wondered what happened to Daniel Stern? Like Tim Burton, then watch away, but also on RedBox.

What did you watch this weekend? (Besides the Superbowl I mean)


  1. Tha is for the reviews. My kids like those Halloween type movies. We will have to check these out!

  2. I have been wondering about those two shows. It's great to hear a review ahead of time. Thanks.